It is week 3 of ABC’s “The Bachelorette” and this season is definitely starting to heat up. Ashley Hebert continues to woo her suitors with some serious dance moves and her killer smile– so naturally, I am here to talk all about it with you! In case you don’t remember, I’m Jesse Csinsack, a former “Bachelorette” alum and I’m here to talk about this season’s romances with you.

With that being said, here we go! First off, this week’s episode of the bachelorette blew my mind. It seems like “Bachelor” creator, Mike Fleiss, is ruthless!

Letting a tool bag like Bentley come onto the show for ratings is one thing — I get that. For years, I’ve said that this show is all about the money! But to let him come on and intentionally hurt Ashley is uncalled for, in my book. This poor girl just wants to fall in love and she just keeps getting the shaft!

Seeing her on tonight’s show and watching her visibly upset made me genuinely feel bad for her!

Date #1: Ben’s Smooth Moves

I like to dance and I even like to watch dancing, so last week’s Las Vegas group date with the Jabbawockeez was fun and was pretty entertaining. But this week flash mob dancing at The Americana in Burbank was a bit boring for me. Maybe even awkward? But Ben stepped up and let his dancing skills shine. The pair seemed very at ease with eachother. By the time they made it to dinner, and Ben told Ashley that he wants to live in a bubble and be in love — it was sealed. Ashley said she wants the same she gave him the date rose. Nice work bud!

The Group Date to The Comedy Store: Not So Funny?

Before the group date could even get started Jeff “The Masked Bachelor” pulled Ashley aside and finally took that mask off. She didn’t seem impressed or interested.(Neither were we.)

Once the guys and Ashe arrived at The Comedy Store, roastmaster Jeffrey Ross came out to make fun of the guys. That guy has jokes — and I loved every minute of him making fun of the guys.

The comedy date was a great idea from a production standpoint. It was guaranteed to make good TV. But from a date stand point? What kind of an IDIOT would talk smack on the girl he’s trying to date after only one or two dates? Really guys?

Lucas is up first and didn’t really say anything special. Then Ryan P. stepped up and all he heard was crickets from the audience. Next was masked man, Jeff, who got up there without the mask — finally — and opened Pandora’s box by saying she has a small chest!

Then William got up there and had the guts to say he thought the bachelorette was going to be Emily or Chantal and then he got out of the limo and saw Ashley! Wow bro, did you even think that out before you said it? There is no way you thought that out — because there is only one direction it could go– and it isn’t good. It is just bad in every direction. It doesn’t matter what way you phrase it. But, apparently your apology was good enough, because you got the very last rose of the night. Nice going William — looks like all that smooth talking in sales is working for you.

Bentley Says Bye- We Say Good Riddance

Speaking of bad, let’s talk about Bentley who is a grade A+ womanizer. Michelle Money hit the nail on the head when she called Ashley to warn her about you bud!

At this point I am starting to wonder if this super villain was a paid position on the show? I mean normally none of the guys get paid to go on the show, but there is no way any guy would go on national television and commit personal character suicide without being properly compensated for it.

Bentley starts off bragging that he got one over on all the guys. He tells them he’s headed home and “IT’S TIME”. Bentley proceeds to stop by Ashley’s house to tell her the news. He used his daughter as his crutch on why he has to go home! In my opinion Bentley, YOU’RE A DIRTBAG whether you were paid or not. I hope it was worth it. He said he hates it when girls cry because it’s not attractive. Does this guy think he’s God’s gift to women or something? All you ladies out there need to go and pick up my boy David Good’s book called “The MAN CODE.” It talks about all of the crap Bentley is pulling on Ashley. Trust me, it is a must read. Don’t listen to a thing that dude Bentley says.

J.P. Knows There Is No Place Like Home

J.P. goes to Ashley’s house knowing she’s stressed out and overwhelmed. I think this guy definitely played his cards well. Clearly he knows how to treat a lady. He starts off by making a toast to a “mellow relaxing evening at home” and then proceeds to sit and talk with her for an hour, which I am sure is exactly what she wanted to do. This was the best, most down to earth date of the season! Ashley even went on to say J.P. is the “Best Kisser” there. Nice work on the kissing and the rose J.P.

Rose Ceremony Sends Some Boys Packing

Chris Harrison sits down with Ashley and asks her how she’s doing. She tells him she’s super bummed that Bentley left and wonders if her husband could still be there.

Chris explains that any real man would have moved heaven and earth to stay there with her, and that he’s pretty sure her husband could still be there. As usual, Chris makes the perfect therapist. Well said, Chris! Ashley tells Chris she doesn’t need a cocktail party and is ready for the rose ceremony! Bentley, Chris D., and the masked man, Jeff were sent packing.

Here’s who is left:

1.Ben C.

2. J.P.

3. Ryan

4. Constantine

5. West

6. Mickey

7. Ben F.

8. Blake

9. Nick

10. Ames

11. Lucas

12. William

Next week we are headed to Thailand! Get ready, because the smack talking is going to go up a few notches!

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