Here we are back again for week 7 of ABC’s “The Bachelorette” season 7 with Ashley Hebert. I’m Jesse Csincsak, a former “Bachelor” alum, and I am here to talk about this week’s episode with you.

Ashley FINALLY Speaks Her Mind:


The gang jets to Taiwan and Ashley starts to speak her mind about the the guys and how she feels about them. Ashley says, Ryan makes her feel safe and she love his energy. Lucas is such a genuine guy, while Ames is unique, sweet, and super intelligent. She notes that Ben is funny and has so many things going for him, while Constantine is easy to talk to and look at. Last but not least, JP makes her feel comfortable and secure. (I feel a little gross just writing all that sappy stuff about these guys, but I digress.)

This week there were three one-on-one dates, which means, you guessed it — lots of time for Ash to really get to know the guys.


Constantine Lights Up His Love:

Constantine let your love light shine! First, Ashley and Constantine get on a steam train and head to a tiny village just outside of Tai Pai. I gotta admit, this is pretty cool because it gives them a good amount of time to just talk and get to know one another. Remember at this point in the game there are only 6 guys, so a lot of these guys are getting a ton of time with her that we are unable to see on TV, due to the limits of a 2 hour show. After their train, ride, the pair head to a spot where they get to create love lanterns. Let’s all have a collective, “aww.” They paint their love lantern — and it is clear Constantine is really into it! Once they make their love lanterns, they light them, make wishes, and set them free. It looked cool on TV, but I’m not sure if in real life that a ton of hairspray and a fire are a good combo at this point in the dating game! Ashley then begins to ask Constantine if he’s ready to fall in love or if he’s waiting for hometowns? He explains it his love isn’t tied to a specific event, rather it is whether they are feeling it. Great answer in my book bro, and apparently Ashley thought so too, because at that point they started to kiss and then RAVED about how amazing each other were in their in the moment (ITM) interviews!


Ben and Ash Take Off On a Moped:

“Ben: Lets spend a gorges day together”, says Ash’s date card to Ben. (And yes that’s how she spelled gorgeous.) Ashley explains that she needs to see an emotional and physical connection with each guy or they are not going to hometowns! In my opinion, Ben is one of the more emotional guys on the show. After seeing them kiss, it looks legit, so I bet he will last at least till the hometown dates. Ben even goes on to say that it feels natural to have Ashley’s arms wrapped around him — and as he practically leaps into love — he says, that he’s falling in love with her and that he doesn’t drop the “L BOMB” with people too often. Ben then tells Ashley how pumped he is for hometown dates, smiles and kisses her! Well played, Ben. Ashley says that Ben feels like her boyfriend in her ITM interview.

Ashley Decides Wedding Photos Are a Good Idea for a Date:

Lucas, Ames, JP, unfortunately got stuck with a pretty rough date — wedding photos?

Ashley decides to take these three into a part of town where everything is wedding-oriented. And, just like any great wedding, you need the photos to document your big day! Well, they didn’t get married — but they did have to watch each other cuddle up with their lady love. Poor guys, if only the three of them could have seen this coming! What guy would want to see his potential girl kissing some other piece of man meat in a wedding dress? I will tell you who NO ONE! Dumbest date ever in my book!

I am only going to touch on JP from this date. (Secretly, I got up and made a frozen pizza during this date I was so annoyed!) They are showing a side of JP that I am surprised about. Every season at least one guy gets super grumpy about what’s going on with the girl and the rest of the guys, but usually production doesn’t show it!

There must be a reason they are showing the JP drama, but I am just not sure why yet. In any event he is just being real and I can understand that! When Ben didn’t come home after his date with Ash, and apparently stayed out all night with her, JP practically had steam coming out of his ears. We can understand where the dude is coming from. When Mr. All nighter Ben walks through the door, JP gets up and leaves while Ben explains what happened over the last 36 hours. Are we surprised? Yes and no.

Ryan Heads To A Temple With Ashley:

Ryan says when he is with Ashley everything else just disappears! They start off this date on a huge bad note. Ashley takes Ryan to an ancient temple to play 1000 year old version of CRAPS. The pair flip these stones to try and make a wish and the stones come up BAD! Then while they watch Tai Chi and Ryan explains that he hopes she doesn’t own a water heater Ashley realizes that he’s not the one! Yes, it all ended over a water heater. Ashley explains why he isn’t the one for her and well, Ryan, starts to cry, then walks through the bushes. After about 10 minuted of listening to him sigh and seeing his sadness over their lack of love, the show finally goes to commercial.

Onto the Rose Ceremony:

Ashley talks with Chris Harrison and explains she doesn’t need a cocktail party and that she’s ready to give out her roses.


1. JP — He got the date rose

2. Constantine

3. Ben

4. Ames

Lucas and Ryan get sent home!

Next week we head to everyone’s HOMETOWNS! Who do you think has a crazy family? Who has a family that won’t show Ashley such a warm welcome?


After the Roses: Emily Maynard Takes The Stage:


Wow, where do I start? This has to be one of the most emotional girls on planet earth! I think she started to cry from the second she got out of the car until she finished her interview with Harrison.

Secondly she didn’t say anything anyone didn’t already know, which tells me that this has to be some sort of stunt? Could they be setting up Emily as the next “Bachelorette”? I wouldn’t be surprised. It makes the most sense, especially after half of the guys from this season wanted her to begin with.

Tune in next week same place, same time!

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