We are back again for week two of ABC’s “The Bachelorette” Season 7 with Ashley Hebert. As usual I am here to talk “Bachelorette” with you after watching the other night’s show.

Too Much Vegas?

Last night’s episode was kind of a Las Vegas gambling tease, as far as I am concerned. On the one on one date Ashley H. and the producers pushed the limits to see how far a guy would go to win a girl’s heart. We went from flipping a coin to choose the guy for the date, to a fake wedding date that made it all the way to the altar. I think that was a little too much Vegas for my taste.

The One-On-One Date:

You would never catch me faking anything about getting married, period. But, I’ve got to give the producers credit since they kept me on the edge of my seat. Despite all the antics, Ashley got serious on her one-on-one date with William, the 30-year-old cell phone salesman from Ohio.

William told Ashley a little bit about his life, and shared that his dad had died because of alcoholism. Ashley was blown away because her dad is also an alcoholic. You could see the tears in her eyes as he told her the story. Personally I think they make a cute couple, but the fact that they have such a strong connection on the show so soon tells me he won’t be her final guy. Although he did get a rose this week. Nice work, buddy!

Celebrity Vs. Reality:

For some reason I keep hearing the word celebrity being tossed around week after week on the show. I personally want to take a minute to describe what I consider a celebrity to be. We are talking Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Now those are celebrities. They make $20 million plus per movie, fly around the globe

in G5 Jets that they personally own and drive Rolls Royces and Bentleys (no pun intended) that they personally own, in order to get to their multiple houses that they own. Normal people in the world have no clue what it’s like to fly in jets everywhere and drive lavish cars.

In my opinion, anyone who is or was on reality tv is not a celebrity. They are a reality tv personality. When you are on reality tv, most of the time you don’t get paid. If you do get paid or have the privilege of driving fancy cars or jetting off in private jets, you are basically on borrowed time from the production company, who is footing the bill for all of this stuff. Once the show wraps most reality tv personalities go back to their normal lives and back to the same financial situations they were in, prior to the show. The only thing that changes? Now 15 million people recognize you.

Despite my commentary on reality and celebrity, there may be two exceptions to this rule. One is Jeff, a.k.a the mask — I am not sure he will ever totally give up that mask again. He might want to save it for birthday parties, job interviews and the occasional date. I’m sure it would make for some interesting dinner conversation after he gets off the show!

Of course, the other guy who will never go back to real life, whether he gets a rose or not, is our buddy Bentley. I bet every girl he has ever tried to drop a one liner on is egging his house or keying his car as I right this. They probably tune in every week just to see if it’s possible for him to be any bigger of a tool. Of course, Bentley doesn’t disappoint, and he bring the tool’ o’ meter” to a new level.

What kind of person thinks so highly of themselves to say, “I would rather swim in pee than plan a wedding with her”? Well bud, I got a little news flash for you– you won’t be planning a wedding with any girl anytime soon, I promise! Oh and another little piece of information for you and the next tool bag they cast to be a villain on this show — this is not a game show or a contest. This show affects the rest of people’s lives! Hey, Bentley what do you think your daughter and her friends think when they watch this on tv? Just saying.

Group Date Time:

This was a big group date! I was pretty excited to watch the JabbaWockeeZ dance. Those guys are legends in the dance world after their own stint on reality tv on “America’s Best Dance Crew.”

As for the guys who got sent home, wow that must have sucked! I think I even heard one guy say they spent more time in the airport than they did in Vegas. Ouch. The guys who won the dance contest (no rhythm nation) will remember that for the rest of their lives. As for Ashley’s dance skills, I was impressed. Well done, girl. Although, sorry Ash, we can’t believe you gave the date rose to Bentley. At the end of the day, this guy is nothing but a ratings machine. When they are done with his crap he will be gone.

From there it was on to the coin toss. Okay, I have seen a lot of interesting ways to get a date, but this one was definitely different. Flipping a coin for who wone the date didn’t involve much mystery. Mickey wins the flip, JP is bummed, and then Mickey gets on a plane has dinner with Ashley. The pair take in a view of Vegas and he lets Ashley know a bit about him before she pulls the coin out again telling him, “Heads you get a rose tails you go home.” You could tell he wasn’t thrilled with the idea, and what guy would be? The flip comes out in his favor and he gets the rose. They head off to the cocktail party, but not before Ashley tells him she was gonna give him the rose regardless of what the coin said.

Cocktail Party Gets Feisty:

The cocktail parties are starting to bring out the man claws! William broke the golden rule! Guys if you already won a rose that week, stay away from the girl at the cocktail party. Let the guys without roses hang out with her or they are gonna hate on you. As soon as William started bragging about his date in Vegas, the guys hated on him in their “in the moment” ( ITMs) interviews.

The masked man, Jeff, decided to pull Ashley away to tell her a little bit about himself. He said he had been married for 10 years, had a brain hemorrhage, found out his other half had lied to him, which led him to break off his marriage and start his life over, so to speak. Then just as he was going to reveal his face one of the other guys walked up and broke up the one-on-one.

Rose Ceremony Results:

1. William – Date Rose

2. Bentley – Date Rose

3. Mickey – Date Rose

4. West

5. Constantine

6. Ryan P.

7. Ben C.

8. Nick

9. Ames

10. Lucas

11. Jeff AKA – Mask

12. J.P.

13. Chris

14. Ben F.

15. Blake

Notice when Matt did his exit interview and called his mom he said it was 4 a.m. in LA. That’s because these cocktail parties / rose ceremonies take 8+ hours to film. Next week our friend Bentley looks to raise the tool’o’meter again!

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