Over the weekend, the Vintage Sweet & Chic Boutique opened up in Breckenridge, Colorado. This store is owned by Katie Meyer and Ann Csincsak. With Ann being from ‘The Bachelor,’ they were able to get some great reality stars to show up and it turned into a small reunion! They look like they had a fun time and things did get a bit wild! Check out the pictures in the slideshow to the left. Oklahoma City fans of ‘The Bachelor’ want all the details!

At this after party, Paragon Lodging let them stay in Rubywood. This house looks amazing! It even has a hot tub outside. Well what happened in that hot tub, we do not all know, but let’s just say Richard Mathy of ‘The Bachelorette’ forgot his swim trunks! This did not keep him out of the hot tub as you can see in the picture.

Ami Cusak of ‘Survivor’ looks like she is having a great time in these pictures! Jeff Modalla, aka ‘The Mask,’ had to beat the girls off him it sounds like! Girls must love him without the mask on and with his Freaky wine. Jim Rice and Leann Slabby of ‘Survivor’ were also there.

Evel Dick showed up with his new fiance and fans of ‘Big Brother’ were happy to see him! Eliza Orlins of ‘Survivor’ even had a run in at the bar the night before. A girl rushed up to her and punched her in the eye which gave her a black eye! She was still in Denver when this happened to her.

It sounds like they had a fun night with a bit of crazy! Just imagine being a fly on the wall for that party.

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