Let’s face it: The biggest thrill in an episode of The Bachelor is watching the girls we love to hate. But, we can’t forget about the other women – or the Bachelor searching for love!  On this week’s Reality Smackdown – hosted by Jesse Csincsak (Winner, Bachelorette 4) – some of your favorite Bachelor Nation alum shared their opinions on Episode 6, the women we love, and the women we love to hate!

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Aside from girls we love to hate, each season of The Bachelor also comes with at least a few girls we just love.  This season, Kacie Boguskie has won our hearts! According to Smackdown host Jesse, “Kacie B. has the strongest REAL relationship with Ben. As far as I’m concerned, she is real and down to earth.”  Richard Mathy (Bachelorette 4) agrees and thinks Kacie’s second one-on-one with Ben was a great idea.  “The idea of ‘roughing it’ for Kacie B. and Ben’s second date was perfect.  […]  The island was a perfect metaphor for what The Bachelor will do to them — put a couple together and see if they can survive all on their own.  This didn’t feel like a date between a couple that met only a few weeks ago. This felt like a date between people that have known each other for some time and are comfortable as friends and even possible lovers.”

You know a girl really rocks when she wins the approval of other girls. Elizabeth Kitt (Bachelor 14, Bachelor Pad) thinks Kacie B. is “pretty great! […] It was pretty courageous of her to share her eating disorder story with him, and I think he really respected her for it! I’m glad she’s made it though that struggle in her life, and she looks GREAT!”  But, Elizabeth adds, “I don’t think the two of them have enough chemistry to make it to the end, but I think he definitely likes her. Is he falling in love with her? I don’t really see that. I’m not really convinced she is falling for him either.”  Kacie B., regardless of how this turns out for you, we all think you’re an amazing catch!

Lindzi Cox, Emily O'Brien, Casey Shteamer, Nicki Sterling, and Jamie Otis Go Native on The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 6

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Another girl we love? Emily O’Brien. She may have made a mistake snitching on Courtney in the last couples of weeks, but she’s definitely making a comeback! As Rich put it, “It takes major guts for someone to apologize like she did.  She owned up to her mistake and did what few people would have done.” Courtney, however? “She found a new low. She is entitled to her opinion certainly, however the gracious and lady- like thing to do would have been to accept the apology and kept her comments to herself.”

Elizabeth also respects Emily for her apology: “I really like Emily. […]  It is not easy for anyone to admit when they are wrong, so when someone apologizes, you at least respect them for their maturity. Courtney’s reaction to Emily was not only in poor taste it was classless and immature. Emily handled it very well; a lesser person would have slapped the annoying look right off Courtney’s face!” 

Jessie Sulidis (Bachelor 14, Bachelor Pad) is right on the same page; “It’s really hard to admit faults and [Emily] was brave to come out in front of everyone and say sorry.  Courtney’s reaction was so juvenile. I would have totally retracted my apology – however, it just proved Emily was right – Courtney is the devil!” 

Here’s the million-dollar Bachelor question: Should contestants holding on to feelings from past relationships be allowed to vie for a rose?  Well, Casey Shteamer certainly sparked that debate this week.  Jesse says, “Every guy or girl who has ever come on this show has an ex guy or girl back home and probably had some sort of feelings for them, so [this situation] is ridiculous.”  Elizabeth agrees with Jesse and adds, “It’s not like they were still together when she went on the show! Maybe going on the show is what she needed to move on from a relationship that wasn’t right for her.” Jessie S. is on board with this too: “Most people going on the show have someone they probably still care for back at home, fresh out of a relationship, or have been dating before the show. This is no shocker. I thought it was strange how big they blew it out of proportion.”  Well, what’s done is done, but we wish Casey S. the best!

So, how’s Bachelor Ben doing?  Bachelor Nation doesn’t dislike Ben, but thinks he could be doing better!  Rich suggests, “I need to see more commitment from Ben to more than just Courtney to make me believe he is vested in this process.” Elizabeth agrees; “I would like to see Ben challenge more of the girls to ‘get deeper’ with him like Kacie B. did.”

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