The patron saint of lost skiers has been called to action once again.

Back in January 2011, The Bachelorette Season 4 winner Jesse Csincsak just happened to be in a remote part of Vail Pass when another snowboarder was lost, trying to trudge through chest-deep snow more than 10 miles from the nearest ski lift and out of cell phone range. Jesse guided the guy to safety — and this past Friday he doubled down and rescued TWO people from the same area.

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According to CBS Denver, Hilary Skye and her son Dylon Arnold mistakenly wandered into the backcountry beyond Blue Sky Basin at Vail Resorts, thinking downhill slopes would take them back to the ski area. When they reached the bottom of the valley, they realized they weren’t where they wanted to be. “We started getting a little worried,” Dylon told CBS. Enter Jesse! He happened to be snowmobiling with about a half dozen other people at the time and explained to the mother and son where they had ended up.

“They definitely were not out of their ability level. They just dropped into a zone they didn’t realize how dangerous it really was,” Jesse said.

So does Jesse deserve his own superhero name at this point — maybe The Snowman? Should he just stand guard at that particular juncture in case anyone else shows up?

Source: CBS Denver

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