Honestly, we’re dying for a little “I told you so” dance from Michelle Money. She’s due some gloating (with a touch of pity) after Ashley Hebert blew off her Bentley Williams warning.

We may get our wish starting tonight on the first episode of The Bachelorette Beatdown, a weekly RTVZone.com series featuring former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants talking about the most recent episodes of The Bachelorette Season 7.

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… And smash a bit of cake in each other’s faces. They can’t skip that part — it’s practically a tradition.

Bachelorette Season 4 “winner” Jesse Csincsak will host the panels every Tuesday, starting at 6PM PST.

Here’s some of the faces you can see on the panel lineup:

Jesse Csincsak – Host

Natalie Getz

Michelle Money

Jesse Kovacs

David Good

Wes Hayden

Chris Lambton

Trista Sutter

Ashley Spivey

Marissa May

Peyton Wright

Britt Billmaier

Richard Mathy

Kiptyn Locke

Eliza Orlins from Survivor

& Celebrity relationship therapist Stacy Kaiser

That’s a lot of people, but it should be interesting — especially since a blurb on Jesse’s site suggests they’ll talk about more than Ashley’s season: “We can’t help but have a few questions regarding non-Bachelorette issues: What really happened between Wes, Gia, and Vienna? Are David and Natalie still just friends?” Find out tonight!

Sources: Jessecsincsak.com, RTVZone

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