It’s not a season of The Bachelor unless the claws – well, manicured nails – come out to fight!  Here’s the thing with The Bachelor: You can have the most laid-back guy and still, the girls will always bring enough drama to power the show. This week, Bachelor Nation alums weigh in on Jesse Csincsak’s weekly Reality Smackdown about the catfight to end all catfights: Emily O’Brien vs. Courtney Robertson in Episode 4.

 Jessie Sulidis (Bachelor 14, Bachelor Pad) thinks “[Emily] should forget Courtney and worry about her own journey or it will eat her apart and push Ben away from her […] It’s fine she warned Ben, but don’t bring it up again. Courtney will burn her own candle.”  Only time will tell if she does.–exclusive

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The guys agree that spending one-on-one time talking about another girl isn’t the best decision. Richard Mathy (Bachelorette 4) says, “Emily needed to do some research.  She looks like this season’s tattletale, and that person always goes home in a week or two.  I think that she should focus more time on her positive qualities, because the girl has a lot of them, rather than talk about other people’s negative qualities.” True. Emily is a great girl – she needs to let her personality shine, even though, according to Jesse, “[she] was trying to be a good girl and warn Ben about Courtney, which I think was very sweet.”  Sweet maybe, but “sweet” isn’t always gonna get you a rose!

Survivor’s Eliza Orlins also joined the Smackdown this week – and if anyone knows how to survive on a reality show, it’s her – Emily, take note! Eliza thinks, “[Emily] is super smart and I think she has great commentary. I think she handled the situation poorly though because Ben didn’t like that she was using her one-on-one time with him to talk about another girl.” We hope she learned her lesson this week, but if the trailer for next week’s episode is any indication, we’re going to be very disappointed!

Courtney isn’t just becoming Emily’s arch nemesis – but pretty much the most controversial girl of the season. Rich wonders what could possibly be next in the land of Courtney drama: “She seems to be driving this crazy train and who knows where the next stop is!”  Maybe, but she’s winning.

Jessie S. also recognizes a game well played: “As much as I don’t like Courtney, she’s used to the catty, competitive modeling world which makes her amazing in a group date setting. She was able to capture his attention and demand all eyes on her. She really made the group date a one-on-one.

In Rich’s opinion, “It is more the fact that she wants to beat out the other girls rather than actually being in love with Ben. Courtney, in her mind, is doing nothing wrong and I’m sure in the world she lives in, this is how you have to act to win.”

 “Ben’s decision to give Courtney the rose [on the group date] shows that not only does she have a self esteem and confidence issue, so does Ben.  He wants to date the hot model that none of his friends could get.”

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