Yesterday, Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively revealed that Bachelor Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson are engaged – with a picture of the ring to prove it!  Given all the Courtney drama this season, we couldn’t wait to hear what past contestants had to say about this!

Jesse Csincsak (Winner, Bachelorette 4) is always happy to offer his opinion: “Ben, we all get blinded by love, but dude, I think you got roofied by love! Did you forget that she got naked for you numerous times on the show? […] Wake up! Courtney is a Stage 5 Gold Digger! Are you stupid? It won’t last a year!” Jesse is known for his honest (and sometimes harsh) opinions, so maybe someone else has a positive outlook on this?

Photo Credit: @BensDogScotch

After getting the laughter out of his system, Mark Huebner (Bachelorette 5) explained that “some people are just gluttons for punishment…” and Richard Mathy (Bachelorette 4) predicts that “Kim Kardashian’s wedded bliss will seem like a lifetime compared to the epic flop this is about to become!”

Jeremy Anderson (Bachelorette 4) has another prediction for the new couple; “I see this couple making an appearance on Season 2 of VH1’s Celebrity Couple’s Rehab.”  But, Jeremy warns the Rehab producers: “They better get rolling quickly, because this relationship may end before Ben’s open bottle of champagne goes flat.”

From a lady’s perspective, Ann Csincsak (Bachelor 13) said, “I think he made the wrong decision, but TV only shows us what they want to, so maybe she’s a sweetheart in real life…but I doubt it!”  It seems there is plenty of doubt to go around.

The new couple did get one seal of approval!  Bad boy Wes Hayden (Bachelorette 5, Bachelor Pad) suggests, “Ben and Courtney deserve each other. From their butt cut hairdos to their prehistoric features, they’re a match made in heaven. I wish them well! Next…”

We’re speechless!

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