We love catching up with Bachelor and Bachelorette alums —so when the opportunity to chat with Jesse Csincsak arose, we naturally jumped at the chance. Don’t miss our exclusive interview in which he talks about his wife Ann’s new boutique in Breckenridge, his indispensible couples advice, and whether or not he’d like to be on Bachelor Pad Season 3.

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Wetpaint Entertainment: What’s inspired Ann and her partner Katie to open a boutique? What will be sold at the boutique?

Jesse Csincsak: Both Katie and Ann love fashion and wanted to find a way to make a living do something they love. We have a great variety of products from vintage fur coats and wraps, to chic everyday wear, housewares, and shoes! We even have girly tool sets for that woman who likes to add a little feminine touch to her housework.

What’s been the most difficult thing about marriage? The best thing about marriage?

The hardest thing about marriage —I think any couple who has kids would agree — is keeping your actual relationship fresh while balancing children, as well as careers and owning your own small businesses.

Do you have any advice for other Bachelor Nation couples? Or relationship advice in general, for that matter?

I think the stats speak for themselves. There are four married couples from The Bachelor out of over 500 contestants. Two who met on the show: Trista & Ryan who live in Colorado, and Jason & Molly who live in Seattle. Then two couples who met at [Jesse’s] reunions. [Jesse and Ann] also live in Colorado, and Tara Durr and John Presser live in Florida. So I guess our advice would be: If you want your relationship to work STAY OUT OF HOLLYWOOD and focus on the relationship

Will you be watching Ben Flajnik’s season of The Bachelor?

We watch every season to see Mike Fleiss make millions of dollars off of people he pays nothing — while making them look pretty silly.

Have you encountered any fan or Bachelor peep backlash from the Bachelor Beatdown?

Everyone always seems to have an opinion — but the clicks never lie. The site was getting around 2 million hits a month so it seemed to be a hit!

Would you ever consider going on Bachelor Pad 3? CAN you as a married couple?

Going back to the previous question… We might consider going on Bachelor Pad 3 if we were properly compensated and were able to bring our son.

Who would you like to see on BP3, if there is a third season?

Trista & Ryan, Jason & Molly, Tara Durr & John Presser, Kiptyn & Tenley, Kasey & Vienna, Ali & Roberto, Ashley & JP, David Good, Nikki Kaapke… Bring out some couples from the past!!

Who are you closest with of all of Bachelor Nation?

Since I host all the reunions, we pretty much stay in touch will EVERYONE for the most part.

How often do you get together with everyone?

We try to do bachelor reunions twice a year now. We are even having contestants from Survivor, Big Brother, Amazing Race, etc.  It’s one big family!

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