How far are The Bachelor producers willing to go to keep viewers on the edge of their seat? Pretty darn far, according to Jesse Csincsak, winner of The Bachelorette Season 4. “Mike Fleiss’ production company Next Entertainment came to me just over a year ago and offered me $30K to find out who Reality Steve’s leak was.” Seems like a small price to pay to keep their franchise at the top of its game. “I told them I would look into it and when push came to shove, all I could find out is that it was someone in editing, but could never find a name of a person […] The problem is that they have hundreds of people who see the tapes in editing, so nailing it down would be a tough one.”

By the way, ABC isn’t kidding around about these confidentiality agreements. “Mike Fleiss is known as the steel fist of Hollywood. He makes everyone sign a 20-page contract signing away their lives, and he is the only production company that doesn’t pay any of his talent on the shows.”

Is it worth signing the contract for a chance at love when practically none of the couples survive anyway? Jesse says, “You’re better off buying a Power Ball ticket than signing that contract. At least you have the chance at getting something in return!”

“[Mike Fleiss] wants to be feared because he thinks that will solve his problems, but what he doesn’t understand is PIGS GET SLAUGHTERED! Look at every tough guy in the history of the world and what happened to them? Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein… once you piss off enough people, someone will eventually take you out of the game! Fleiss, you can’t continue to USE PEOPLE and push people around. YOUR day is coming, it’s only a matter of time!”

So Jesse is on Reality Steve’s side then? Not so fast. “I think Reality Steve [Steve Carbone] should stick to his day job and forget about The Bachelor. He knows nothing about the show other than what his leaks tell him.”

Perhaps Jesse should run the show; then. “I hope [Fleiss] loses the suit just to prove that maybe if he paid the contestants, then they wouldn’t take money after the show!” Not a bad idea, Jesse. Then maybe there would be more happily ever afters and fewer lawsuits and breakups?

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