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And then there were two…

Rad new dad Jesse Csincsak was DeAnna Pappas’s chosen one (however briefly) in The Bachelorette Season 4. Now the guy who broke DeAnna’s heart in The Bachelor Season 11 is about to pick his new chosen one in The Bachelor Season 15.

Jesse thinks Brad Womack’s chosen one is Chantal O’Brien. “If you want my personal opinion, I think from watching [Episode 9], Brad is the most comfortable with Chantal, and when it comes to relationships, comfort and trust are huge,” Jesse blogs for RadarOnline.

To Chantal: “You and Brad make a great couple together and your relationship seems pretty much effortless. You said you feel secure with Brad and he reciprocated by telling you that he’s the most comfortable with you out of all the girls. For a guy to say that is pretty huge. You then said you want to be in love, so you can put your other half first. That caught my ear.”

Jesse’s car analogy: “I look at a relationship like a car — If you never take care of your car, like put gas in it and oil in it, it’s not gonna run too well, but if you take good care of your car, wash it, wax it, put good oil in it, and fill it with gas, it will last for a really long time.”

What about Emily Maynard? “I feel as if Brad’s connection with Emily is strong, hence them both telling each other that they were falling in love with one another, but there is still the lack of connection between Brad and Emily’s daughter. This is what I think will be the final straw in their relationship in the weeks to come.”

To Emily: “Emily, I do respect how you handled yourself when you were presented with the fantasy suite […] very classy. Well done.”

To Ashley Hebert: “You and Brad have been going in circles with your feelings for one another since the very beginning and as far as I am concerned, it finally caught up with you guys. Although you seem to be an amazing girl, you might not be amazing with Brad, but hang in there, you seem very intelligent and beautiful, and I am sure you will not have any issues finding the man of your dreams one of these days. I wish you nothing but luck.”

Who should be the next Bachelorette? “Usually the runner up from the Bachelor is chosen to star in the spin-off show, but this year there’s talk of producers maybe choosing the second runner up, Ashley, or even bringing back the winner from last season, ‘bad girl’ Vienna Girardi! Everyone could see Ashley H. as the next lady, but you’re asking yourself, ‘Why Vienna?’ Well hey, if they gave Brad a second chance at love, why not Vienna? She deserves it just as much as the next girl!”

Do you agree with Jesse on Chantal and Vienna? And can “everyone” really see Ashley H. as the next Bachelorette? Count us out on that one.

Source: RadarOnline