Now that Season 16 Bachelor Ben Flajnik is halfway through his quest for love, we can’t help but wonder how this will all end. Is he headed for love or heartbreak? Some of your favorite Bachelor Nation Alum got together on this week’s episode of Jesse Csincsak’s (Winner, Bachelorette 4) Reality Smackdown to weigh in on all the drama, tears, and winning in Episode 5.

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To nobody’s surprise, the skinny dipping scene is causing the biggest commotion this week.  Keep in mind, this is not an ordinary lets-get-naked-in-the-ocean-together experience… cameras are filming this for millions – including their families – to see! 

Embarrassing or winning? “Winning,” according to Courtney Robertson. Richard Mathy (Bachelorette 4) says, “Courtney is playing the seduction game well,” adding, “This is nothing more than a game to her.”  After all, she did tell the cameras she feels like she’s winning…

Jessie Sulidis (Bachelor 14, Bachelor Pad) said, “I thought it was tasteless and trashy to do on TV in front of millions of viewers and their parents, but it was also smart in the sense that once you have that moment of intimacy you already feel more of a connection with that person. So I think she’s definitely set her self ahead of the other girls.”

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As for the Emily O’Brien versus Courtney drama this week, it seems Emily hasn’t learned her lesson. According to Rich, “Emily needs to let things die between her and Courtney.  She is starting to look like a complainer, and to be honest I feel surprised he didn’t send her home.” Jessie S. agrees: “Emily needs to give the Courtney drama a rest and get on with her own journey with Ben or she’s going to blow her chance. Don’t waste your one-on-one talking about someone else at this stage in the game!” 

Although, if the mid-season promos are a true indication of what’s to come – Emily’s gonna have some backup in the war with Courtney!

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The biggest surprise this week was Blakeley Shea, by far – in such a great way! Rich is “finally on Blakeley’s side. This conversation felt real. Most of us are quick to judge the good-looking as these confident, get everything they want type of people, and for the first time you see the chink in her armor. Whatever happens to her, I hope she finds a prince, because I feel like life put her where she is now and she is just trying to get by the only way you can there.”  Major kudos to Blakely for shining this week.

Jessie S. was also pleasantly surprised by Blakely. “I thought it was really sweet that Blakely opened up […] I do think she’s the person that’s going to walk away with the most life lessons and learn the most about herself during this process. Who cares what her profession is? Stop hating. She seems like a nice girl that still looking to find herself.”  Looks like the “the process” known as The Bachelor can open people up in more ways than love! Yay for Blakeley!

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Another girl we love, but were so sad to see go? Jennifer Fritsch. Jessie S. was “a bit surprised Ben sent Jennifer home. I really liked the girl […] Jennifer seemed the most down to earth, sane, respectable, and hidden gem of the group.” Unfortunately, says Jessie, “It seems like [Ben] is thinking with the wrong head right now […] I just think [Jennifer] didn’t have the sex appeal he seems to be after.” Rich is in complete agreement and suggests Ben is just in search of a super-hottie: “Jennifer wasn’t a surprise being sent home. Ben is swinging for the fences and trying to land a trophy girl.” If that is the case – and it’s too soon to tell – then Jennifer, we hope you find your prince who appreciates you for how amazing you are!

So who’s still around that Bachelor Nation is rooting for?  The top picks are Kacie BoguskieLindzi Cox, and Nicki SterlingSmackdown host Jesse says, “I really like Kacie B. and Lindzi.  Both seem like great picks for Ben,” but he adds, “I am afraid he won’t pick them!”  Jessie S. is rooting for Kacie B. too: “My favorites right now are Kacie B. and Nikki for Ben.”  But she also gave props to – Courtney?  “My favorite to watch is definitely Courtney. There’s just something about her that draws you to her…. whether it’s to shake your head at her or just laugh that she actually has the balls to say what most people think.”

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