Aw! Don’t eat your dad’s hand, little guy!

“Life doesn’t stop just because you have a kid.” That’s something Season 4 Bachelorette “winner” Jesse Csincsak and his wife, Bachelor Season 10 contestant Ann Lueders, learned pretty quickly. Just a week after welcoming their adorable son, Noah, into their family, we caught up with Jesse on Daddy duty to dish about his role as a father, his newfound admiration for Ann, and whether or not we can expect more kids from one of our fave reality TV couples.

 According to Jesse, being in front of TV cameras and living his life in the public eye has helped prepare him for fatherhood. But Csincsak also credits his own dad for showing him the importance of being a positive role model to his son.

“To this day I’ve never once seen my dad drink a beer, smoke cigarettes, or say a swear word — ever in my entire life,” says Csincsak. “My dad is 62 years old, and he’s been married to my mother for 42 years; and if I can be half the example that my father was to me, to my son, he’s gonna turn out just fine.”

Jesse Csinscak Cradles His Newborn Baby Noah

Too. Cute. For. Words.

Another person who’s serving as an inspiration to Jesse? His “drop dead gorgeous” wife, Ann, whose strength and patience as a mother, even in this short amount of time, has blown him away.

“When you have a baby you are running on minimal sleep and you don’t get to eat a lot because you’re always trying to take care of the baby, so the one thing that I really admire about my wife is to see what her body has been through over the past nine, 10 months, and to see how she’s still able to get up and perform, and be patient. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.”

While Csincsak says he and Ann are looking forward to having more children (they’d love for Noah to have a little sister someday), right now, they’re enjoying every second with their newborn son.

And the thing Jesse’s looking forward to the most as a dad?

Camping, snowboarding, snowmobiling, skiing, and hanging with the local wildlife (bears and coyotes!). Jesse can’t wait to introduce little Noah to “all of the fun things that most people pay to go on vacation to do” — things he does on a regular day, things he hopes will make his son a better person.

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