We don’t know about Brad (yet) but Popchips are def worth fighting over.

It’s time for another highly caffeinated dose of CAPS-heavy radness from Jesse Csincsak’s RadarOnline blog on The Bachelor Season 15.

After Brad Womack dumped DeAnna Pappas on Bachelor 11, she went on to be the Bachelorette and chose Jesse. When they split up, he found his own love in Ann Lueders of Jason Mesnick’s season ofThe Bachelor. Of course, Jason only became the Bachelor after DeAnna dumped him. It’s a total tangled mess.

Anyway, Jesse opens his Episode 4 blog with this overall assessment: “Tonight’s show was like watching a bunch of 12-year-old girls fighting over the last bag of POP CHIPS at lunch!!!!” (Side note: ABC should test that theory by leaving the ladies one bag of chips on the same table as the final rose of the evening.)

Jesse’s advice for the ladies: “Here is an inside tip from someone who has gone through this experience: For any PERSON GUY OR GIRL who ever goes on this show … DO NOT — I REPEAT — DO NOT go up to the Bachelor or the Bachelorette on this show and ask if they are still into you? BE CONFIDENT !!! Confidence is way more sexy than a needy person who lacks it … Love can be scary at times, but you just have to step up and face your fears …”

Chantal’s date: Jesse had harsh words for Chantal O’Brien in his premiere blog, but he seems to be warming to the lass. “I have said since day one of this season that the storyline of Chantal & Brad is being a little hidden from us. I think tonight was the perfect example. Brad looked right at Chantal and said ‘STOP TALKING and kiss me’ — THAT IS HUGE. You don’t say that to someone you are not comfortable around … they are way more into one another than we are seeing and I don’t see chemistry like that with any of the other girls and Brad THAT’S THE REAL DEAL RIGHT THERE.”

Group date: Jesse applauds Stacey Queripel for her honesty about cheating and gives a “well played, girl” to Britt Billmaier for opening up and then making out with Brad to get the group date rose.

Michelle’s lack of sanity: “Oh Michelle where do I even start with you? You kind of remind me of the girl from Wayne’s World part #1 she was Wayne’s CRAZY X girlfriend named Stacy, who everyone was afraid of because she was a bit unstable. You kept complaining that you had to have a one-on-one date with Brad — well now you got it, so you can’t complain about it anymore. RELAX and just be yourself stop overwhelming the girls saying BRAD IS YOURS, and he shouldn’t pay attention to any of them. Just chill — if it’s meant to be its meant to be. Every episode of the show you are whining about something? This week it started out as your black eye. Little black eye tip for the next time: Let Brad come to you and ask you what happened to your eye instead of making a huge deal about it and looking like a knucklehead.”

Ha! Read Jesse’s full blog here.

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