Former Bachelorette contestant Jesse Csincsak and wife Ann get ready for some time on the American Guns range.

Former Bachelorette contestant Jesse Csincsak is married to former Bachelor contestant Ann Leuders (now Ann Csincsak) — making lemonade out of a television experience Jesse firmly believes to be lemons. What the show’s producers don’t tell contestants, Jesse told us in an earlier interview, is that “three years from now, you’re not going to be able to get a job, and your parents will get handwritten hate mail.”

Ann and Jesse have a new baby, son Noah, born February 2, 2011, and have often grappled with how to best defend their family unit. “We wanted to be able to defend if ever we got into trouble,” Jesse explains in an exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment. “Our cars get broken into,” he adds ruefully. They resolved to learn how to shoot a firearm, in the instance one of them encountered a situation in which they had to use a gun in self-defense.

Ann, get your gun! (Sorry; too easy.)

In June, Jesse and Ann will guest star on The Discovery Channel’s American Guns — an experience Ann wasn’t easily coerced into doing, Jesse adds. “My wife despises guns.” American Guns follows trained expert Rich Wyatt and his family of expert gunsmiths.

Seasoned firearm expert Rich Wyatt is a former police officer and the owner of Gunsmoke, located near Denver, Colorado, where the Wyatt family buys, sells, and trades guns. Rich convinced Jesse to get Ann to appear on the show. As Jesse tells it, Rich made a very persuasive argument: “I have a three day training course — if your wife doesn’t like guns by the end of it, I’ll give you your money back.”

But Ann’s skills aren’t just effective in self-defense. Days after our phone interview, Jesse emails, “She also learned to take her weapon apart clean it and put it back together SUPER SEXY IF YOU ASK ME!!!”

Tune in to American Guns every Wednesday, at 9/8c on The Discovery Channel to catch the Wyatt family in action! Jesse and Ann will guest star in Episode 9, airing in June.

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