My Thoughts and Prayers go out to Kevin Pearce Get Well Soon Bro !

This Is one lady I would love to Bring out on the Mountain and Show her that she needs to get her HEAD OUT OF HER ASS !!! (Christine Brennan) Tons of People get head injuries doing tons of different sports not Just Snowboarding ! PS Christine: Snowboarders are Athletes too and they have a ton of Athletecism they ARE NOT in the Olympics Just for ratings ! YOU HAVE NO CLUE WHAT SNOWBOARDING EVEN IS !!! Dont Ever talk smack about sports you Obviously have NO CLUE about ! 

Oh and Christine if you ever want to try snowboarding??? So the next time you talk about it you will actually have tried the sport… LOOK ME UP ! \n This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it I will Teach you FOR FREE ! OR maybe I could put you on an Episode of MTV MADE and make you into a good REPORTER ! And one more thing SNOWBOARDING IS A LIFESTYLE NOT JUST A SPORT !

Click to see Video of (Christine Brennan) who obviously has no clue about what she speaks of !! Nice try Christine Brennan


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