Here we are back again for week 9 of ABC’s “The Bachelorette” season 7 with Ashley Hebert. I’m Jesse Csincsak and I am here with my behind the scenes opinions about what I saw on last night’s show. My opinions are simply based on my experiences on the show and my thoughts on the characters from last night’s show. With that being said, here we go!

Okay, so I am going to try and keep this week’s blog short and sweet. Other than Constantine leaving early and Ryan P. continuing to have more dollars than sense, nothing super interesting really happened that we didn’t already expect.

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, where do I even start? How could you come back? Don’t you own and run a company with 600+ employees? Again, like I said before, some people have more dollars than sense! Why is it that almost every season of the Bachelorette some tool always gets convinced to come back on the show? Season 4 was Jeremy; season 5 was Jake and Reid. Didn’t someone come back on season 6 too?

The Fantasy Suites – You should keep in mind all of the guys are separated and the only time they see each other is at the rose ceremony or from their hotel room windows watching each other leave the hotel with Ashley on dates. Also keep in mind that the order that we see these dates is not necessarily the order they happened in. That’s the magic of editing!

Moving on to Ben – wow that was a really nice boat. You can tell that Ben is super into her but for some reason I just feel like Ben and Ashley don’t have the same spark that she has with JP. I am not saying she’s not into him but I always feel like she is thinking about other things when she’s with him.

Onto Constantine – I have nothing but RESPECT for Constantine and Mickey from this season. Both of these guys are as LEGIT as it gets in my book! It takes a huge man to tell a girl to her face in a respectful manner that you just don’t want to date her anymore! I think Constantine was a perfect gentleman, as was Mickey, and I’ve got nothing but love for either of you! As much as you want to hate on these guys for leaving they were just being honest!

Now onto JP – This date with JP is going in the same direction as day one. They seem to be super in love. I am sure they will give us a JP scare in the weeks to come but I am sure all will turn out just fine.

The Rose Ceremony – JP and Ben are the only guys there and they both get roses. Ashley has the Ceremony just to make sure they really want to be there and of course they do.

Next week the Men Tell ALL and then MEET THE PARENTS! Next week I’ll see you at the same place same time, I AM OUT! Oh, and don’t forget to tune into the Bachelorette Beat down on RTV Zone on Monday July 25th at 9pm LIVE!