My Thoughts on Vienna Girardi & Jake THE ARROGANT FAKE !

I don’t read any of the spoilers or reality forums about the show no chat rooms, no insiders nothing at all….


With that being said here we go…. I honestly cant believe ABC ran this Special…. It made Jake their INVESTMENT look like an ARROGANT IDIOT….

I have met Jake in person and I can tell you he is all about the FAME… The Last thing I said to Jake is people work in HOLLYWOOD / California for two different reasons… 1…For a Job that pays great money or 2. FOR FAME now Jake you just get to figure out why you are here… He looked at me like WOW….

ASK any of the guys on his season who they disliked the most and I guarentee you will get Jakes name….

Now onto the Vienna & Jake interview:

Jake starts out and says to Chris Harrison – I was outtta town and then I came home and  I was on the cover of 5 magazines… WHAT KIND OF PERSON SAYS SOMETHING LIKE THAT ! WHAT A DOUCHE BAG THING TO SAY ! Jake Who cares how many magazines you were on the cover of this really shows your true colors your a fame whore… I love that you try and make Vienna going to star magazine out to be a bad thing… NICE TRY JAKE ( You did an UnAuthorized interview )

LET ME FILL YOU IN ON HOW THE BREAKUP PROCESS REALLY WORKS: For starters they have to give the ring back unless they are together for 2 yrs or more…

When you sign your contract with ABC it says that in the event of a breakup both parties MUST release their sides of the story to ABC & No One else then ABC Then what the contract fails to say is ABC gos and sells the full breakup story to the magazines for money ! Lets be honest THIS SHOW IS A BUSINESS and at the end of the day its all about the MONEY ! Who do you think ABC is gonna protect in their story ??? THEIR INVESTMENT HELLO – THE BACHELOR OR BACHELORETTE OF COURSE The cast members are expendable…

 So Vienna knows this and gos to Star magazine Makes 50K Then JAKE doing the only thing he knows to do… RUN TO ABC FOR HELP what does ABC do ???

ABC gos to all the 5 other magazines selling that story over and over for 20 – 30 K a story making 100k or more… JAKE WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE BRO THEY ARE USING YOU ! And when they are done with you they are gonna dump you to the curb like all the rest… ENJOY YOUR 5 magazine covers WOW…

Stop UnderMining Me GOD ! hahahahahahahah YOUR AN IDIOT JAKE !!!