Jesse Csincsak, Season 4 winner of The Bachelorette, comments on Ben’s Bachelor adventures and shares a behind-the-scenes look at life in the mansion. Currently residing in Breckenridge, Colorado, with his wife Ann Lueders (a contestant on The Bachelor, Season 13), and their son, Noah, Jesse never turns down an opportunity to share his Bachelor experiences.

Ben and the girls were in San Francisco for the week. Does traveling help Ben get to know the girls better or is staying put in the mansion more realistic for developing a relationship?
Jesse: Honestly when you’re at the mansion it’s way easier to get one-on-one time whether it’s just around the pool or in the kitchen or whatever, but the travel makes for good, interesting, fresh TV.

Emily and Ben’s extreme Bay Bridge climb: Ideal date or complete disaster?
Jesse: I have been saying this for the past few seasons now … This date was almost a total repeat of what they did to Michelle Money twice on Brad’s season!

When you apply to be on this show they make you fill out this huge packet telling them everything, including things you’re deathly afraid of so for like the past five seasons they take the one thing your deathly afraid of and make you do it! It’s just a repeat season after season different person with a fear of heights!!

Emily and Lindzi both had seemingly good dates with Ben. Which one do you think is the better match for Ben?
Jessie: I felt bad for Lindzi, she got the date that Brittney was supposed to get but left to early to go on. I like Lindzi better at this point!

Skiing in San Fran: Poor excuse to get the girls in bikinis or production genius?
Jessie: Since I was a professional snowboarder for 15 years I’d say it was a poor excuse to get girls in bikinis! NO ONE WOULD EVER DO THIS! It wasn’t even real snow, it was ground up ice from a local Zamboni!

Jennifer said she’s falling in love with Ben already. In Week 3 of The Bachelor with no one-on-one dates, do you think it’s possible that she’s actually developed serious feelings? Or are these girls getting caught up in the moment?
Jessie: I think with enough alcohol and producers telling you what to say on camera, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Michelle Money was the resident “mean girl” on Brad’s season of The Bachelor. She was also funny and quirky and fell victim to producers highlighting her negative side. Is this what we’re seeing with Courtney?
Jessie: I am not buying that Courtney is a nice girl but with editing anything is possible. Who knows, maybe we will see a different side of her in the weeks to come. But I doubt it!

Was it fair that Shawntel tried to join in so late in the game? Did Ben make a mistake sending her home?
Jessie: In my opinion, Shawntel Newton is as real as it gets and ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR!

After Monday’s episode, who are your favorites so far?
Jessie: I like Lindzi and Kacie B.

Who would you like to see sent home ASAP?
Jessie: “I am a HUGE DEAL” = Courtney; “Juggs Magee” = Blakeley

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