When Jesse Csincsak, winner of “The Bachelorette,” started thinking of how to protect and defend his family he knew it was time to learn how to shoot a gun. That was when Jesse Csincsak decided to go to the best in the business – the Wyatt family, stars of “American Guns.” In an online interview on June 23rd Jesse Csincsak discussed his upcoming appearance on Discovery’s “American Guns.” These are a few of his thoughts about guns, gun control and protecting his family:

How large of a role will guns play in defending your family?
“A gun is like any other tool you have in your house – a pair of scissors, a baby gate, a kitchen knife. A gun is a tool and is the best piece of defense you can have. Let’s think about where all of the attacks on our country are done. Schools, planes, military bases. What’s the on thing these places have in common? You’re not allowed to carry a gun in any of them. If the bad guys knew the people they were going to attack had a defense, they would think twice.”

Did you learn any new safety tips from the Wyatt family?
“All guns are always loaded. Even if you know they’re not, act like it’s always loaded. Never let the barrel point at anything you are not willing to destroy. Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re sights are on the target and your prepared to shoot. Be certain of your target and beyond; bullets can go through walls like knife through butter.”

Please explain your feelings about the Second Amendment. Are you in favor of more or less gun control and why?

I think everyone is about higher education. I think anyone who owns a gun should be required to take a three day course like Rich Wyatt’s course. You take drivers [education] to learn how to use the tool called a car so why not give you’re the same education with this tool, the gun. Knowledge is power.
The episode of “American Guns” with Jesse Csincsak will air this Wednesday, June 27th at 8 p.m. on Discovery.

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