Jesse reveals to TooFab that the couple are having a boy! “We definitely wanted to know. The first appointments that we had were in Phoenix, and it was really early on, and they go, ‘There’s no doubt about it. it’s gonna be a boy!,’ and I was like ‘that’s right, that’s my son!'”

Ann chimes in, “We found out when we were like thirteen weeks [along], which is so early, and the doctor was like, ‘Oh yeah, you can definitely tell it’s a boy,’ and you could see Jesse’s face light up.”

As for the name, “Ann and I have chosen to name him Noah Csincsak. We’re stil not sure about the middle name.”

Jesse, a former “Bachelorette” winner who was engaged for four months in 2008 to DeAnna Pappas, and Ann, a one-time “Bachelor” contestant, wed in August 2010 at a Las Vegas hotel.  At the time, she was four months pregnant. They met last year on a cruise for former “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” contestants, and got engaged just weeks before their wedding.

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