OK so I have recieved hundreds of emails about whats going on with Jillian & ED so here are my thoughts as well as an article from the insider that Chris Harrison spoke on..

I think that this scandal is total !! CRAP !! I think that this is just two girls who are fame & money hungry and don’t care what they have to do to get $$$$ and fame…..

Its pretty easy to put together fake emails and program anyones name in your phone…. I have talked with Jillian Via Text Message a bit in the past few weeks and I can assure you that she is way smarter than these two Knucklehead girls from Eds Past…

Oh and for all the Bachelor / Bachelorette haters sorry to break it to you but JILLIAN AND ED ARE STILL TOGETHER… 


The last two seasons of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” have been filled with drama. The most recent being Ed Swiderski, the man that Jillian Harris chose, and the man who proposed to her, who reportedly cheated on her. Now ET talks to host Chris Harrison, who spoke to Jillian, who was in Las Vegas with Ed last last week, to get his take on this latest scandal.

ET: Did we have the wrong guy? Was it Ed who had the girlfriend, not Wes Hayden?

Chris Harrison: I’ve talked to Jillian twice in the last two days. She is definitely upset. Everything has been turned upside down for them. They are stressed out with all the publicity, because they kind of thought they were done and could live their lives. Now they have had this jump up on them. It is tough, but they are still together; they are still engaged. That has not changed. Someone reported she dumped him in Las Vegas. That is not true.

ET: But the two women in US magazine are saying they have e-mails from Ed?

Chris Harrison: The problem is the two girls cashed in and took a paycheck for the story in US, so, they kind of sold out, which is unfortunate. They sold out at the expense of Ed and Jillian. The problem is there is a shred of truth in there, which Jillian already knew about. But if there is a shred of truth, you can’t fight the bull!@#$, so what are you going to do? There is not much she can do.

ET: Do you think all this controversy helps or hurts the show?

Chris Harrison: I was hoping with Jillian we would be hitting one right down the middle. I knew she was safe. She still is obviously. When she picked Ed, I thought, ‘Great. We got a wedding. They will get married in a year. I think it will rekindle everybody’s belief in the show and that it works.’ One thing she told me on the phone the other day: ‘Chris, I love this guy. I feel more for him than any man I ever have in my life.’ So I know it works, and my faith in the show isn’t shaken at all, but I hate that it might be for some of our fans.

They say there is no such thing as bad publicity, but it is weird, Jillian is a friend of mine. I hate for it to happen for them.

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