So your planning on booking a getaway to Breckenridge, Colorado well first thing is first Air Travel : You should look for Tickets into Denver International Airport the airport code is – DIA

Denver International Airport is around 110 Miles east of Breckenridge and will take an hour and a half to drive in a car depending on weather and traffic…

Next thing is LODGING :

If your looking for a Cabin, House, or Mansion with its own zip code  for your family and friends while visiting Breckenridge I would Contact Krista at Paragon Lodging They have all your needs when looking for a vacation rental…

Tell them I sent you and they will take care of you… 319 N. Main St

319 N. Main St.
P.O. Box 4929
Breckenridge, CO 80424
Toll Free 1-888-306-1376
Local 970-547-2122

If you want to stay at a Bed and Breakfast while in Breckenridge I would Contact The Fireside Inn

The Rates vary from $90 – $200 a night depending on what sort of room you want and how many people your traveling with…
call: 970-453-6456
fax: 970-547-0023

If your a Hotel type person I would look at the Hyatt Main Street Station

505 S. Main Street, Breckenridge, CO 80424

800-869-9172  –  970-547-5200 


Transit from Airport to Breckenridge: Everyone gos ok well now I have my Flights and Hotel booked now how do I get from the airport to my hotel well its about 110 miles so I wouldn’t recommend a cab that’s for sure…Do not wait until your in the airport to book this you will be stuck at the airport Book ahead of Time as this is a very busy company…

If your against getting a rental car I would recommend Colorado Mountain Express or for short CME

They Provide all sorts of ways of travel to the Mountains from Denver complete with private drivers… They have , 16 passenger vans, Caddillacs, Suburbans, Whatever your needs are and for a very reasonable price they will even drop you off in your hotel lobby or the door of your vacation rental…



What to do in Breckenridge during the day:

OK so now your saying I have everything booked to get there and stay there now what should I do while I am there ??? Well

I would look into Ski or Snowboard lessons Breckenridge offers both Private and Group Lessons

Do Not let a friend or spouse of yours try and teach you how to ski or snowboard… Let a professional teach you… Your friend or spouse might know how to ski or snowboard but I promise you they don’t know how to properly teach these sports… TAKE A LESSON FROM A TRAINED PROFESSIONAL….

Group Lessons for Adults start at 9:40 am at every Base area of the mountain and start at $120.00 Per Person this does not include lift ticket…

Group Lessons for Children are available as early as 3 yrs of age and cost $180.00 Per child per day this includes lunch and rental gear… That price does not include a lift ticket and may vary in price with age of child and time of year you book…

Private Lessons are the way to go in my opinion… A bit more expensive than groups at $680.00 for a full day private and $480.00 for a half day private but if you really want to learn how to ski or snowboard what better way then ONE ON ONE instruction… However you can put up to 6 people in a 6 hr private lesson and 3 people in a 3 hr private lesson so bring your buddies or your spouse along and split the costs….I would also recommend asking for an instructor with a Level 2 cert or higher and at least 5 years of teaching experience if your gonna spend the money then you want to have an instructor that knows the answer to anything you could possibly want to know…

If you book a private lesson ask for the instructor to call you ahead of time to make an introduction and set up a meeting place for the lesson and a meeting time… Private lessons can start at Breakfast or at a rental shop this will also give you a chance to get to know your instructor….

Any Lesson or guided tour you take in Colorado is lead by a human being  PLEASE TIP YOUR GUIDE or INSTRUCTOR THEY LIVE OFF OF TIPS !!!!

Backcountry Snowmobile tours & Backcountry Snowmobile Ski / Snowboard Trips

 If you want to do a nice mellow stroll on a 550cc 80 Horse Power Snowmobile into the mountains of Breckenridge we can make that happen…

Check out White Mountain Snowmobile tours

If you want to do an intense ride on a 1000cc 160 Horse Power Snowmobile that can do 0 – 60 in 3 seconds anywhere in Colorado and even ski or snowboard in the Back Country all day while your out there Email me by clicking here

( Advanced skiers and snowboarders are recommended for skiing or snowboarding while on this tour )

Dogg Sledding Tours :

If you want to do a Dog Sledding tour and feel like your in the Yukon check these guys out this is where Ann & I Bought our Siberian Husky Puppies…