A new show is coming to NBC called “Bear Grylls Adventure.” On Jan. 10, I received exclusive information that “The Bearded Bachelor Boys” David Good and Jesse Csincsak are teaming up to try to win a spot on the show.

Jesse and David think they would be the perfect team for the show. In “Bear Grylls Adventure,” they will be dropped into a remote location and have to make it to the end of the show by surviving. David is in great shape and has been working on his website Good Health & Fitness. Jesse is great at being out in the wilderness and knowing his way around. He has even saved several people in the Vail area when they were lost in the snow.

The pair is calling themselves “The Bearded Bachelor Boys” and they are still in the early stages of casting for the show, but have high hopes that they will be one of the pairs fighting it out to win “Bear Grylls Adventure.”

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