Jesse and Ann Csincsak of “The Bachelorette” and “The Bachelor” are going to be back on our television again next week. This couple is going to appear on an episode of “American Guns” on Discovery channel. It will air on June 27, 2012.

On Wednesday a new preview for the show was posted on YouTube. You can see it to the left. This preview shows that Ann Csincsak was not found of guns at first. According to Jesse, she was unsure about having them in their home at all with their young son Noah.

The preview shows Ann talking to Renee Wyatt and then going out and shooting a gun for herself. Rich asks if he has changed her mind about guns. You will have to watch the new “American Guns” on June 27, 2012 to find out the answer. This is one episode that fans of “The Bachelorette” will not want to miss.

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