Colorado snowboarder and media personality Jesse Csincsak is back on the slopes, teaching Ashley Bacheman to snowboard ,in a new episode of MTV’s Made: Here is a clip.

Still no definitive date on when the Bachelor Pad starts filming, but it could be the first week in June. As to where, the best guess right now is the Bachelor Mansion in LA. The plan seems to be for the contestants to engage in contests, and one will be evicted almost every day. The winner will win $250,000. Not much time to fall in love, but since this crowd all knows each other, and they’re used to speed-dating from the Bachelor, I suspect they’ll find something to raise attention spans. As to who is going to be on it, that’s still in flux. Look for some of the more provocative contestants — personality-wise — they do need ratings. Like who? One prediction: Crazy man Dave, the guy who gets belligerent when he drinks.

Ali’s back from Portugal, probably doing home town dates this week. Rumor has it one more big trip is planned for the Fantasy Dates and Last Chance Dates/Final Rose Ceremony. Tahiti is bandied about a lot, but no confirmation yet. I hope if they do Tahiti, she takes one guy to Bora Bora and the other to Moorea, both of which are very pretty islands. Tahiti was the least pretty of the three, and the busiest and most commercial when I was there a long time ago.

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