Jesse Csincsak is known as a past winner of The Bachelor. He is now reviewing his rights and making plans to file a lawsuit against Mike Fleiss who is the creator of the entire franchise. Since his time on the show, he has done many different blogs and online shows about each season.

Now Fleiss is having his producers contact people that Jesse Csincsak works with and warning them not to continue to work with him. He even had them call a company that Jesse was very close to closing a deal with and used a bullying tactic to tell them to stay away from him. This ended up costing Jesse over $3,000 in possible monthly income. Several past contestants of the show have also been warned to stay away from work that includes Jesse.

Csincsak has already contacted entertainment lawyers in California, New York, and Colorado about the lawsuit. At this time, he is still reviewing his rights, but he is being told by all of them that he has a great case against Fleiss for interference. He has not actually filed the papers yet, but plans to any day now. What do you think about this lawsuit? Sound off in the comments below.

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