Snowboarder Jesse Csincsak knows a thing or two about ABC’s hit dating show, The Bachelorette. Csincsak was picked as “The One” on The Bachelorette Season #4 back in 2008 and a wedding for the following May was being planned. Fans hoped the couple would live happily ever after. Unfortunately for Csincsak, His Bachelorette changed her tune and broke the engagement off.

Since then, the popular Csincsak has been a very visible part of Bachelor andBachelorette reunion parties and events (he even helped put together a group cruise). And while I originally thought Csincsak would be on the cast of ABC’s summer funfest Bachelor Pad , he’s not on the cast list- (see the ‘Bachelor Pad’ cast list here) although he could be involved in the show in another capacity. So what has Jesse Csincsak been doing?

Besides tweeting on a regular basis (he’s very active on Twitter) , Jesse’s been talking to RadarOnline, apparently. In an exclusive interview with Radar Online, Jesse recently dished the dirt on the grueling audition process for The Bachelorette. In addition to an interview process that includes interviews with up to 8 show producers, contestants must take written tests, have their blood and urine get checked for STD’s and then are evaluated by a psychologist (hmmm…. so how did some of the guys on the current season make the cut?).

Jesse also told Radar that once the finalists are chosen there’s, after another round of interviews right before the limo comes to pick them up to meet the Bachelorette, where two more guys get sent home. And too bad they already had to foot the bill for three new suits- not paid for by ABC.

Csincsak also revealed that after meeting her potential suitors for the first time time, the Bachelorette must tell the producers which guys she thinks will be in her final 4. After meeting the guys only one time and before going on any dates with them! While none of this comes as a big shock (certainly the multiple interview process and STD testing doesn’t), Csincsak’s mention that the final 4 are chosen upfront is rather interesting. While he doesn’t elaborate if the ¬†final 4 are set in stone (what if TheBachelorette changes her mind?) it’s no surprise that, after one meeting, the girl would have some sort of chemistry or connection with certain guys over others. What would be a surprise is if the producers contractually hold her to her first impression choices.

Which would explain why some Bachelorettes (Jen Schefft, anyone?) walk away from their stint on the show still single.

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