The Bachelorette is currently airing its season on Channel 15 in Tempe, and the latest episode still has people buzzing. Two former contestants from The Bachelorette and The Bachelor, Emily Maynard and Jesse Csincsak shared their thoughts on the most recent episode.

On Wednesday, Emily Maynard shared her thoughts with The Bachelor website in her new video blog, and Jesse Csincsak shared his thoughts on a post he shared with visitors to his blog on Thursday.

During her latest video, Emily talked about the episode and about Bentley. She admitted that episode was ‘hard to watch’ because she knows Ashley so well, and it was difficult to see her so down on herself. When talking about Bentley, she said that she thought he would have done the same to her even if she had been in Ashley’s shoes like he had mentioned wanting. She did play devil’s advocate though when she gave him the benefit of a doubt because no one could be that ‘hurtful and mean spirited’ to someone else. Check out the video here for more of her thoughts.

As for Jesse Csincsak, in his latest Bachelorette blog, he says he honestly ‘felt bad’ for Ashley. He also took the time out to call out the producers for the ABC series for allowing Bentley to come on the series and intentionally hurt Ashley. The producers were privy to all of Bentley’s comments about Ashley made behind her back, but they allowed him to stay on the series. They didn’t want to interfere. As for the rest of the night, Csincsak thought the flash mob date was ‘boring’ to watch, and the roast was a bad idea for a date.

Fans are ready to find out what will happen next for The Bachelorette. Here are some of the recent comments made on Twitter:

William is a loser. It was a roast. He was the only person to actually roast Ashley. And he’s letting her manipulate him. #TheBachelorette the douche Bently left [hate him!]. and poor Mask hahahahaha too funny. actually surprised that Will is still there

#TheBachelorette A roast is the 2nd worst idea ever. #oversensitive #bachelorette The Bachelorette will air another episode on Channel 15 in Tempe on Monday night. What do you think of this season so far? Did the producers let Bentley go too far?

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