Jesse Csincsak is engaged for the second time, but now, it’s “on my terms,” he said.

Csincsak gained national attention in 2008 as one of the 25 bachelors on the ABC show “The Bachelorette,” when he and DeAnna Pappas promised to tie the knot in front of approximately 12 million viewers. The engagement ended in late 2008, but Csincsak, a pro snowboarder, continued to carve his way into television fame by appearing on such programs as MTV’s “MADE” and “America’s Most Wanted.” (Meanwhile, Pappas found love with Stephen Stagliano, 26, whom she met at a “Bachelorette” taping last year and plans to marry.)

In his spare time, Csincsak began organizing “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” reunions, which ultimately led him to find the woman of his dreams.

He met season 13 “Bachelor” contestant Ann Lueders last November on a reunion cruise, and they “hit it off as friends,” he said. Both are 28 years old. Their “friendly” long-distance relationship developed as she flew to Wisconsin last February when he filmed “MADE,” helping a 17-year-old girl become a snowboarder, then he flew to visit her in Los Angeles, where she worked as a nurse. On and on it went, until mid April,2010 when they finally decided they “loved seeing each other and had a great time together,” Csincsak said. “We didn’t want to see each other with anyone else.”

That’s when Csincsak asked Lueders’ father for her hand in marriage.

“It was super crazy,” Csincsak said.

See, Lueders’ dad was so excited, he forgot the golden rule of proposals: It’s supposed to be a secret. Instead of staying mum, he burst into the room, announcing to his daughter, “‘So Jesse just asked me a very interesting question. He asked me if he could marry you,’” Csincsak said. “And she goes, ‘Dad! You’re not supposed to tell me that.’”

Amazingly, Csincsak still pulled off a way to surprise her. Though they discussed marriage, he hadn’t given her a ring, until he flew her into Cleveland to meet his parents. But before they headed to mom and pop’s, Csincsak whisked her away on a puddle-hopper plane. Though she had worked as a flight attendant worldwide, she had never flown on a tiny plane, and Csincsak happened to have a friend who owned one. Off they went to Put in Bay, an island in Lake Erie.

She didn’t suspect a ring; she just thought it was one of Csincsak’s “hair-brained schemes … she thought it was a silly shenanigan (I) was doing,” he said. “She really had no clue.”

Until she saw the film crew. Yes, Csincsak filmed his proposal, because he said the one thing he envies about Ryan and Trista Sutter (the original romantic “Bachelor” couple) is their relationship is archived on film for their children to see.

Csincsak said had his bride-to-be known, she told People Magazine, “I would have ran a brush through my hair.”

But, with the $22,000 rock on her finger, she’ll be sure to be well prepared for the wedding they have planned at the Rumor Hotel in Las Vegas. They’re not disclosing the date but say it will be in the next 30-60 days, with about 150 people in attendance. And this time, Csincsak said, he “won’t have any producers telling me what to do.”

The couple plans to move to Breckenridge, where Csincsak has faith his new bride will succeed in whatever she sets her mind to, be it working as a nurse or opening a bakery — a dream of hers.

And how does he know she’s the one?

“She’s the first girl I’ve ever dated that I’ve felt like she’s my best friend and I can tell her anything. It’s not just about the romance,” he said, adding there’s plenty of that, too. “I just enjoy spending time with her.”

Plus, he finds it incredibly sexy that this “gorgeous brunette bombshell” loves to camp and isn’t scared to “take control” and drive his jeep in the backcountry.

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