From reality star to real life hero!

Former The Bachelorette winner Jesse Csincsak is angry with Vail ski patrol after he rescued a mother and her son in the snowy woods of Vail, Colorado’s Blue Sky Basin on Friday.

Csincask, who was snowmobiling when he spotted skier Hillary Skye and her son Dylon Arnold lost 15 miles into the back country, tells RumorFix that the exact same thing happened to him before, having rescued a snowboarder Thomas Pazerunas who took a wrong turn in the exact same location one year ago.

The Breckenridge resident reveals exclusively to RumorFix that Vail has a problem with signs that needs to be correctly immediately. “There’s obviously an issue at Vail Blue Sky that they’re not marking the trail properly. I went up there today and took a photo on my cell of the sign, and there’s actually no direction on the sign at all. The sign doesn’t tell you if you go to the left you’re going to end up in the middle of nowhere, or if you go to the right that you’re going to be ok. And so I went and told ski patrol about it, and ski patrol was very unresponsive about it. They said ‘oh, we can’t do too much. Sorry about your luck’”

Upset with ski patrol’s response, Jesse is taking matters into his own hands. He reveals to RumorFix exclusively, “I’m going to take the info back to CBS Denver, NBC Denver, ABC Denver, and all the other news outlets and have them run a story about it. And maybe if they [Vail ski patrol] get the bad press about it they’ll put up a $150 sign and save some people’s lives!

The reality TV star tells RumorFix he’s not a hero, but just “paying it forward.”

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