Drum roll please….Here it is! The official wedding song of the Jesse Csincsak/Ann Leuders wedding available to purchase! The whole experience began when I received a call from Jesse asking me if I wanted to sing at a wedding…when I found out it was his I almost died of happiness. He has been a great friend to me over the last few years and I was honored that he chose me to write and sing this special song. I immediately let my team at Sorted Noise (www.sortednoise.com) know and asked Deanna Harper of Identical Entertainment to co-write the song with me. We interviewed both Jesse and Ann so that we could write a song that was special to them. The interview didn’t provide us with much information..so I took what I knew of Jesse and away we went! The first verse talks to the experience that they both went though being on the Bachelorette and Bachelor and how experiences like that can make you jaded and forget about what can happen when you really love someone. In the second verse we wanted to keep it very simple and have it be like their vows..what they would say to each other when they were looking each other during that special moment. We wanted to use the chorus to talk about how they would always be together and feel the love they had for each other even when geographically they might be far apart. Their wedding day was beautiful and Ann looked gorgeous when she was walking down the aisle! It was an amazing experience watching her walk as I sang the song that we had wrote for them. You can listen to the song and download it here! Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Csincsak!

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