Last week we started our series of interviews with a former contestant on The Bachelorette, Jesse Csinscak. What did Jesse have to say this week about Ashley Hebert, the current bachelors, and Thailand. Which bachelors does Jesse Csincsak think are on the show for the right reasons? Keep reading to find out!


Question: The guys seemed pretty excited about Thailand. Almost like the came on show for free trips, not to find love. What do you think?

Answer: On Every season there will be 25 – 30 guys and 2 – 3 will be there for the right reasons that’s just how it goes… Sure does make for good TV

Question: So which 2-3 from this season are there for the right reason?

Answer: I think that two of the sincere guys this year are JP and Ames

Question: Have you read the spoilers, do you know who she ends up with yet?

Answer: I don’t read spoilers. I think spoilers are created by people who need to get a hobby.

Question: You did not get all these exotic trips during your season. Do you ever feel jipped?

Answer: My season went to the Bahamas and I had a great time. NO REGRETS. I got my forever after because of the show !

Question: Are you tired of hearing about Bentley yet?

Answer: Bentley is fun to watch. A DICK HEAD or not he makes for GOOD TV, and I promise we haven’t seen the last of this villain just yet…

Question: What did you think of Ashley and Constantine’s date?

Answer: I liked that they did absolutely nothing but get to know each other. Shows he’s a cool guy and seems to be there for the right reasons.

Question: What do you think about Ashley taking to guys to an orphanage?

Answer: Again, another GREAT DATE putting all the millions of dollars this show makes to work. I LOVE IT !

Question: Do you feel the chemistry between JP and Ashley?

Answer: I think JP will go final 2 or 3 they have a huge connection.

Question: Was Ryan being unfair by taking Ashley when she was about to hand out rose?

Answer: Ryan is creating drama for himself which, in my opinion, will get him sent home at some point.

Question: Did Ben F. deserve the rose?

Answer: I like Ben F. and I think he totally did.

Question: What does your gut tell you about Ames?

Answer: Ames will go far on this show too, but won’t win. I think he’s gonna fall head over heals for this girl and I think he will get his heart broken. BUT HE’S A COOL GUY.

Question: Did the right guy go home?

Answer: I think that West was a little hesitant and that’s what got him sent home. He didn’t seem like he was sure of this whole deal, in my opinion.

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