Once again we got to sit down with former The Bachelorette favorite, Jesse Csinscak and pick his brain on last night’s exciting episode of The Bachelorette with Ashley Hebert. Jesse Csinscak gave us his opinion on the return of Bentley, whether or not he thinks Ashley Hebert deserves all the negativity she has received, and who he thinks will be the next Bachelor.

Question: The general feeling we are hearing on our site and reading elsewhere is that this is the worst season of The Bachelorette and that Ashley is the least bright of all the Bachelorettes. What do you think?

Answer: I think that Ashley is torn.  She is trying to please the producers but at the same time do what she thinks is right.  The viewers are seeing the PRODUCED side of her show and not so much the genuine stuff, and she looks silly because of it.

Question: What do you say to all the Ashley haters?

Answer: Don’t hate until you’ve been through it! Its not as easy and cut and dry as it looks, and A LOT TAKES PLACE IN THE EDITING ROOM!

Question: People are also saying that this whole Bentley storyline proves that The Bachelorette is scripted and fake. What is your response?

Answer: Two scenarios here
1. He got paid a lot of cash to come on and take a fall
2. He is getting the biggest metaphorical shaft in Bachelorette History

Either way he comes out looking like a douche bag in the viewers eyeballs which makes for great TV and ratings which is all that they [ABC] care about!

Question: Do you think the light bulb in Ashley’s head went on during her conversation with Bentley?

Answer: I think Bentley is use to saying absolutely nothing to girls until they are so confused they do exactly what he wants.  “So Ashley, I flew all the way here to see you, then I woke up this morning, put on my shirt and you understand where I am coming from right?”  WOW none of what you said makes any sense Bentley, and I think Ashley saw right through it.

Question: What did you think of the dates?

Answer: JP got a night date and only a night date that was different usually you get a date that lasts all day so that was a first that I have seen.

Question: Should Ashley have told the guys during the rose ceremony?

Answer: Again, I think Ashley should stop trying to please the producers and just do whatever she would normally do and the show wouldn’t seem so scripted.  It would come across very real.  She also needs to stand behind what she does 100%, and if people don’t like her then SCREW THEM!

Question: What do you think of their reactions?

Answer: The guys had every right to be mad I would have done exactly what Mickey did.  We are both Ohio Boys and I got nothing but love for him.  I think he might even come back on exotics and win this thing!

Question: Was she right in sending Blake home?

Answer: I think Blake got sent home for calling her out. PERIOD.  That’s it.

Question: Which of these guys should be the next Bachelor?

Answer: JP is being set up to either win or be the next bachelor.

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