Exclusive Interview With The Bachelorette’s Jesse Csincsak 

We are thrilled to announce that starting this week, we will have an exclusive interview every Tuesday with Jesse Csincsak, a former bachelor on The Bachelorette, giving us his opinion on Ashley Hebert’s season from the night before! We will be asking Jesse for his opinions on the drama in the house, the bachelor’s and Ashley. If you have any questions for him, please let us know! To read the first interview, click below!


Question: What do you think about the chemistry between Ben C. and Ashley?

Answer: I am not sure about these two just yet but I do think Ashley sure likes the idea of being in a bubble of love.  You could see her eyes light up when Ben said he wanted to live in a bubble and be in love !

Question: What is your opinion of the man behind the mask? Was it time to reveal, or should he have done it a long time ago? Ashley didn’t seem too impressed!

Answer: Jeff M is a Baller in real life this guy has 3 companies that are very successful one is Pocket Peelies for little kids Blue Jeans, then a Wine and a new Vodka. He also works with Nelly the wrapper & The St Lunatics with that being said I think he was strictly cast to be a character and I think he should have never of worn the mask and just done it without. I guess he lost the mask and he lost the rose.

Question: Who had the best roast? The worst? The funniest? What about William?

Answer: I liked watching the guys make fun of each other personally. What idiot should even try to make fun of the girl he’s there to date? Oh wait WILLIAM that’s right!

Question: Who would you like to roast?

Answer: I would love to get about 10 Bachelor/ette Contestants and Roast Chris Harrison. He’s an awesome guy and I think it would be a great time… Oh and tell Mike Fleiss if he takes this idea and puts it on TV I want a cut cause its my idea!

Question: Ashley wanted to do the roast. Did she have a right to be upset?

Answer: Honestly, I don’t think Ashley wanted to be roasted I think it was all production and she had to be apart of it…no choice.

Question: Does ABC cast people like Bentley (and Wes from Jillian’s season) knowing they will break hearts and be jerks? Does ABC tell the bachelors/bachelorettes who to keep around for ratings?

Answer: Being the villain is usually an UNKNOWN thing Especially in Wes Hayden’s case. Wes is just a very sarcastic guy and so ABC took all Wes’s stuff and cut it up and edited it together and made him look like a jerk but in Bentley’s case I think this villain is so severe that they either hired him to do this and payed him big bucks, or he possibly getting the biggest shaft in Bachelorette history which I doubt, considering Michelle Money warned Ashley about him.

Question: Right now, based only on what you have seen on TV, who do you think Ashley will choose to marry?

Answer: I have no clue who Ashley will marry but I like Nick and JP. Since Ashley didn’t send William packing after a stunt like that I feel like he will be around a while.

Question: What were you thinking during the whole Ashley/Bentley thing tonight?

Answer: That If I was Ashley’s Dad I would hire about three dudes from Compton to fly to Salt Lake and give Bentley a good ol’ fashion ASS WOOPIN’!

Question: What is your opinion on J.P.?

Answer: Genuine, mellow guy. Would love to grab a beer with him.

Question: Did Ashley make the right decision tonight on who she kept/sent home? Was it fair to nix the cocktail party?

Answer: At this point Ashley has to be just WORN OUT and needs a break. Heck yea she can nix the cocktail party!

Question: Do you think Ashley is portrayed to not be too bright?

Answer: After Watching tonight’s episode, it really pissed me off to know that the producers knew that Ashley really cared for Bentley and LET HIM HURT HER INTENTIONALLY. Being someone who was on the show, they edit her a lot but I think she is just a sweet normal girl, not dumb though…

Question: Do you remember your third rose ceremony? What were you thinking at this point?

Answer: At the third rose ceremony these guys are realizing that this is NOT A JOKE and if you don’t get to know her or make a good impression THE END IS NEAR !

Thanks Jesse!  We can’t wait to talk to you again after next weeks episode in Thailand.

Don’t forget!  The first LIVE online episode of Jesse’s new The Bachelorette Beatdown is tonight at 9EST/6PT.  They will be talking about last night’s episode, Bentley, Jeff and more! Joining him this week is Ashley Spivey, Marissa May, Natalie Getz, David Good, Wes Hayden, Jesse Kovacs & Eliza Orlins From Survivor.

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