How are Jesse Csincsak of ABC’s The Bachelorette and wife Ann Lueders handling life as new parents? We caught up with one half of one of our fave reality TV couples to find out what it’s been like with the new addition to the household–little Noah Theodore–born just last week and already breaking hearts (just look at that little guy!).

Has it fully hit you yet, that Noah is here, and that you and Ann [Lueders] are responsible for this other life–the whole enormity of that? Or is it still pretty surreal at this point?

It was real as soon as we left the hospital. It was like, “Oh wow, we get to take this new toy home with us? Oh, how fun!” You know, we’re like, “You’re actually going to let us leave with [him]? We don’t have to like, give it back or put it on layaway?” It was pretty cool. So, you know, we were driving home from the hospital and in the Jeep, it’s snowing out, and he’s just sittin’ in the back, looking around, and that’s kind of when it set in.

What’s one quality of yours that you hope to pass on to your son?

Everybody always asks me, “What if he wants to be a ballerina?” One thing about me that anyone who knows me will tell you is that I don’t quit. It doesn’t matter what it is–I go, and go, and go. In the snowboard world, I was never at the Shaun White level of snowboarding, but I was the dude that every Monday morning, when that sponsor got to his office, he had an email with photos of me doing my thing. And I think one thing is that I want my son to be super persistent. If he wants to be a ballerina, I want him to be the best God damned ballerina on the planet Earth. I just want him to put 110% into whatever he does and people will respect that.

And one quality you hope Noah gets from Ann [Lueders]?

I hope he gets her looks, because she is drop dead gorgeous and I am one lucky guy to be married to her. And her patience, because she is definitely going to be an amazing mom because of how patient she is. She’s got patience for days, which I definitely lack.

Have you noticed any changes in yourself since becoming a father? The way you look at things in life? Your goals?

It’s kind of like being on TV now–24/7. You always tell people when you’re on TV there’s always a camera watching you. Well, now I have a set of eyeballs always watching me, so I’ve gotta be on top of my game and make sure that I’m not doing anything that I wouldn’t want him to do.

Have you noticed a change in Ann, or in your relationship?

You really don’t get to know someone until you see them mad, and I think that’s true no matter what you do–whether it’s business, personal life, whatever–and when you have a baby, you are running on minimal sleep and you don’t get to eat a lot because you’re always trying to take care of the baby, so the one thing that I really admire about my wife is to see what her body has been through over the past nine, ten months, and to see how she’s still able to get up and perform and be patient. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. Because, until you see someone you love go under the knife and the doctor pull another human out of them–I can’t even put it into words.

What part of being a dad are you looking forward to the most?

Probably teaching my kids all of the fun things that most people pay to go on vacation to do that we do all the time on a daily basis up here, such as camping, snowboarding, snowmobiling, skiing, learning about wildlife…. Here in Breckenridge, we’ve got bears that walk through town, coyotes, everything…. And so, for my kid to be able to walk out our front door, however old he is, whether he’s in his stroller, or on his bike, and be able to see this wildlife and know about it and know things–I feel like that kind of makes you a better person.

We know you’re only a week in, and it’s probably the last thing on Ann’s mind right now, but have you two talked about how many children you want to have? Are you planning on having more?

We definitely want to have another one. We’re not trying to push the envelope and trying to make it happen next month or anything, but we definitely want to have at least one more. We always said we wanted to have a boy and a girl. I always wanted to have a boy first so that he could hand out ass whoopin’s when my daughter’s old enough to date.

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