Well here we are Back again for another season of ABC’s the Bachelorette. As usual I am here with my INSIDE OPINIONS, not facts (Just Opinions) about what I saw on last nights show.
I have 0 inside information about this seasons show, My opinions are simply based on my experiences on the show and my thoughts on the characters portrayed in the edit from last nights show.

With that being said here we go –

Ashley H Bachelorette #7 Week 1

Ashley claims that her insecurities and her failure to reciprocate love to Brad Womack was her demise.
Well now she is back again and seems ready to put her insecurities aside and says shes also ready to reciprocate the feelings of LOVE.

Personally I think Ashley is a total Doll and I think she will be a great catch for any guy serious about falling in love and settling down..

As for her 25 guys wow there are some serious characters, Alot of which seem to be ALOT older than Ashley.
Mike Fliess and his casting dept never seems to disappoint and why should they they cast thousands of people for every season of this show… ( Its not easy to get on )

Before I lay into the first guy let me just say that on night one the show starts filming at around 8pm and films until around 5 – 6am so falling asleep isn’t impossible ok.

Now lets start off with my new favorite hater straight off of the sopranos TIM the 35 yr old (Shit Talking Hiccuping Alcoholic with the worst accent ever) I mean Liquor distributor from NYC.
This guy might have had the most awkward Limo exit I have ever seen! At first I kind of felt sorry for him? Then as I watched him get sloppier and sloppier my feelings of sorrow disappeared !
He proceeded to hate on the 35 yr old masked man named Jeff Just before passing out falling asleep and getting Sent home… WOW Good luck getting a date Bro !

Jeff – the masked man in my opinion might have had on a mask but seemed to be one of the more mature men in the room. Although he had more haters in the room than anyone he kept his composure and continued to impress Ashley with his explanation of why he wore the mask which I don’t know about you but was LEGIT… I am pumped to see how he plays out once he loses the mask…

Ok so every season Fliess Casts the VILLAIN AKA the ( DOUCHE BAG ) Well up until tonight the DOUCHE – O – METER had been set at an all time high by Justin Rego on Bachelorette Season #6 Well Justin Rego Step aside there is a new king Douche in town BENTLEY Wow even a Douchy Name Well done buddy! Who goes on the show and says the Bachelorette doesn’t fit into his check list ?? You Did Not the smartest Idea you have ever had Playa there is 15 million people watching this and I have a feeling after this season is over its gonna be Light years until you get laid again…

As for the rest of the guys I am really pumped to get to know them in the weeks to come I think there are a handful of some really good dudes !

This season looks to be an awesome one… Private Jets, Thailand, Kickboxing, Fiji and of course the Man claws are gonna come out !!!

Tune in again next week same place same time for my inside opinions on season #7 of ABC’s The Bachelorette!

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