Here we are back again for week 4 of ABC’s the Bachelorette season 7 with Ashley Hebert. As usual I am here with my behind the scenes opinions about what I saw on last night’s show. My opinions are simply based on my experiences on the show and my thoughts on the characters from last night’s show.
With that being said, here we go!
Lets start off with the Bachelorette herself:
Ashley Says in order for her to find love she has to be open let go and have fun and I couldn’t agree with her more. I almost feel like when your not looking for love is when it plops right in your lap. I finally think Ashley realizes now that she miss spoke when she said that she loved Bentley she seems to really be trying to focus on the other guys which is nice to finally see. She even said now that Bentley is gone she is starting to see a lot of things in the other guys that she wouldn’t have seen if he was still around. Hopeless Ashley is Hopeful Again! But I promise you we will see the RATINGS MONSTER BENTLEY BACK AGAIN REAL SOON!!! Bentley equals ratings and ratings equal $$,$$$,$$$,$$$ and lots of it !!
Onto the 1 on 1 date:
Constantine in my opinion this guy got the SHAFT on the date side of things he was supposed to get to go on an exotic date and ended up in the tourist trap shops in the city, But he was a good sport and just focused on Ashley and getting to know her! I can only imagine the producers scrambling to rework the filming schedule when they found out the original date was a NO GO! OOOPS – While they were in the city a man who had been married for 35 years told them that it is important to forgive and forget and that love is not a contest its not about winning or losing. Hey Charlie cheers on NOT WINNING! Ashley even said she loved that he just went with the flow and that’s important to her. They really did make the best out of the rainy day! After a long day in the city they end up having dinner on a beach cabana and really got into the small talk and Constantine gets the rose.
Onto the group date:
This was cool to see
Production had Ashley and the boys refurbish a childrens orphanage which in my opinion was SUPER RAD! While they were there Ben F started to paint a mural on the wall which caught Ashleys attention he later said he did it to set himself apart from the other guys (SMART). After a long day of work at the orphanage they head to the cocktail party and that’s when the claws come out. All of a sudden Ryan becomes the center of all the hatred. All the guys say if Ryan gets the date rose they will question what Ashley is thinking JP even says guys could possibly leave.
JP pulls Ashley aside for a quick chat and gives her a kiss, Ashley then says that JP is defiantly the best kisser there. After her kiss she goes back and hands the date rose to Ben F and he is pumped.
Finally the 1 on 1 with Aimes:
Ok in my opinion this guy is just shy of being a rocket scientist. Just the way he talks and holds himself I think it shows. Remember at the comedy date someone said he had a huge forehead, That’s probably to fit his HUGE BRAIN. He told Ashley that he had traveled to over 70 countries including Thailand right where they were for cooking school, Which tells me that he probably comes from money too! Ashley seems to really enjoy her date with Aimes she even goes onto say I could see Aimes as a Husband, BIG WORDS if you ask me I think Aimes is gonna be final 4 in my opinion right along side of JP.
The Cocktail Party:
Ashley and West sit and have a chat and Ashley tells west that she doesn’t want to feel like she has to fill his X wifes shoes. West explains that’s not how it would be but doesn’t seem to come up with any good follow up content to back up his reasoning.
Once again all the guys start to talk about how annoying Ryan is they say that he just doesn’t Gel with the rest of the guys and that he isn’t genuine and that his zest for life is just to much to deal with! Blake pulls Ryan off to the side and tells him hes just annoying everyone with his INTENSITY! Ryan starts to rant in his ITM ( In The Moment) about how he is just a happy guy Blah Blah Blah.
Onto the Rose Ceremony:
Ashley has a quick chat with Chris Harrison just prior to the rose ceremony and tells him she wants to add a rose to the ceremony and only send one guy packing and so for the first time in Bachelorette history Chris walks into the rose room and adds a rose!
1.     Aimes
2.     Ben F
3.     Constantine
4.     Lucas
5.     Ryan P
6.     JP
7.     Nick
8.     Mickey
9.     Blake
10. William
11. Ben C
West and his lack of filling the shoes description gets sent home.
Next week Chang Mai – Elephants, Kick Boxing, Ambulances and you guessed it he’s in the Hotel!

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