Okay, I want to start off by saying that my blog is based on MY OPINIONS of the people on this show. Sometimes people are very different than their edits portray them on TV, so remember my blog is based on the portrayed characters.

I also want to mention I would never say anything in my blog or in any other media outlet that I wouldn’t say directly to someone’s face! With all of that said, onto Monday night’s episode!
Park City:
I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the normality of this week’s dates! I love Park City, Utah — it’s a very beautiful place, especially to fall in love. It felt like ABC fired the normal L.A. Producers and hired a local Park City production company this week! It was almost refreshing! Other than the helicopter ride and the pretending-not-to-know-about-a-previously-set-up-crater-repel, it was a pretty rad week! Well done!

Rachel One-on-One:
Rachel’s one-on-one was nice — I mean a canoe and a day on a mountain lake — that’s my kind of date. You could even see all the mountain bugs zipping around on the lake while they were in the canoe. It was cool to see her enjoy the normality of that date, showing she is a down-to-earth girl who can enjoy the simple things! I liked that she mentioned how warm the wood burner was — it shows she was paying attention and not just there for the glitz, glamour and romantic scenario! Well played in my book Rachel, and you got the rose!

Before I discuss this group date, can I just say if we are gonna keep recycling bachelor contestants from season to season — to be the next Bachelor/ette a.k.a. Emily Maynard — can we at least use someone who is actually interested in falling in love like Kacie B.? She is so down-to-earth and normal seems like such a rad girl!

Group Date: Fly Fishing:
Samantha — did you not say on the horseback ride on the group date, “OMG, I am totally scared to death of horses?” What planet are you from? Our country was founded on horseback! Pull it together blondie — I would have sent you home on that horse! Right from the river!

And Courtney — who do you think you are? You’re NOT cute — sorry to burst your MODEL BUBBLE! I know you probably are use to using rope and sharp objects when trying to date someone new, but dating is nothing like fishing! ITS NOT WINNING You’re an EPIC FAIL! I despise few things but diarrhea and you, in general, are now at the top of my list!

Back to Samantha — here are strikes two and three for you! Who says, “I have been on three group dates with Ben and I already feel like I should have a ring on my finger?” Did we miss something or did you? Let me rephrase: You are what’s wrong with American Women! Get to know the guy before you try to bear his children for God’s sakes!
I have to say I clapped when Ben sent Samantha home. I have mad respect for people who act on what’s happening in the moment and that’s what Ben did! No need to wait for Harrison and the rose ceremony. Save a rose, send a bimbo home early!

Jennifer One-on-One:
Ok so this week’s dates were pretty normal and not so produced, but the beginning of this one was as produced as they come! “Oh look, some no trespassing signs! Oh look, a crater? Oh look, $500 worth of climbing rope! Let’s repel into it! Oh you brought your bathing suit oh great! Although a fun date, why pretend? Let’s just say, ‘Hey we spent the last six hours setting this date up with our crew of 30 producers? In any event, it looked fun and I liked that Jennifer was down and didn’t act like a sissy about it. PROPS and it paid off you got the rose!

Cocktail Party:
Emily just remember girl … don’t worry about the stupid models, let Ben do his thing with her! It will eventually come back to bite him. NO GUY wants a girl like Courtney and if he thinks he does now he won’t later when she leaves him for the rich guy with the private jet. That’s a GOLD DIGGER, always looking for the bigger, better deal!

After handing out the roses Ben says and next week we are flying to Puerto Rico and Courtney opens her mouth and says “Oh well, I was just there last month?” I would have taken Courtney’s rose back and walked out front pulled Monica out of the limo and put Courtney in there! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Sorry to burst your little model bubble honey but you’re not cute. Enjoy your 15 minutes honey — just as a side note — AMERICA HATES YOU! YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED!

Next Week in Puerto Rico: 
The busiest guy on next week’s show is gonna be the guy who has to put the little black boxes over people’s private parts!
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