Each week, the Bachelorette’s season four winner Jesse Csincsak has been exclusively blogging for RadarOnline.com about Ben Flajnik’s search for love.
Hometowns! I always like watching the show from this point on because on night 1 these are the 4 people who were chosen and this is when the show really starts in my opinion! The families really haven’t seen each other since the show started, so that’s always cool to see them REUNITE!!
Lindzi : This girl seems to be the whole package. She’s down to earth, fun, easy going and she is cute!! But I have to say her parents are RAD. They are super fun. Who wouldn’t want to have in-laws like them — super cool!!  She won’t have any issue meeting a guy after this season 4 sure !!
Kasey: I have liked Kasey and Lindzi since day one, but Kasey’s hometown was literally like a trailer from the movie MEET THE FOCKERS!! I agree with Kasey’s dad about being skeptical of the process. What dad wouldn’t be when 4 girls are dating this guy, but the nonsense the mom and dad put on the future and the possibility of the living situation ???  It’s 2012 ladies and gentleman, not 1950. Sorry. No one wants their in-laws telling them how to live their life. NOT COOL !!
Nikki: I think Nikki is a super sweet girl, but I just don’t see her with Ben in the end. That date kinda reminded me of the movie Fools Rush In … City guy in a cowboy hat out of his element.
Courtney: This was probably the fakest, most produced, hometown date I have seen in awhile!! First off everyone already knows you’re a spawn of Satan. Now, your trying to act all goody goody??? NOT BUYING IT!!  Then your dad says marriage is a gamble and 10 seconds later says, by the way, I want some grandkids, can you help me with that??? WHAT! Really dude, no wonder your daughter can’t keep her clothes on!!
As for the wedding ceremony that was a total “cut and paste” from Ashley Hebert’s season of the show. The producers are seriously out of original ideas. EPIC FAIL.
Next week, we will take Ben out of his comfort zone again and take him to Switzerland. Should be interesting!

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