Jesse Csincsak — the free spirited snowboarder who won the fourth season of The Bachelorette — is exclusively blogging for, and here gives us his exclusive take on the 16th season of The Bachelor.

Here we are, back again, for week one of the 16th season of The Bachelor, starring Ben Flajnik.

I’m Jesse Csincsak and I’m here with my behind-the-scenes opinions about what I saw on last night’s show. My opinions are simply based on my experiences on the show and my thoughts on the characters from last night’s show.

With that being said, here we go! First off, this season will be no different than the rest! A keg full of drama is being tapped and we are all about to take a sip! I want to start off this blog with a few tips for everyone reading …

Tip #1: To all future contestants on this show: Do not quit your job to go on this show! It’s literally career suicide.

Tip #2: If you do get roped into going on this silly show, give yourself a two-drink maximum for the rose ceremony evenings or else you’re gonna get produced into the next nationally-watched train wreck.

Tip #3: No matter how good of an idea you think it is, do not sing/rap for the bachelor or bachelorette or you’re gonna look like an idiot, I promise!

OK, moving onto Ben … I loved his comments, like joking about being patted on the shoulder or saying they saved the best for last — and then giving Lindzie the first impression rose. To me, it shows he is being real! And as most of you know, I like realness.

As for the entrances, I loved the interesting entrances like grandma and the horse. It made for good TV. (On a side note: When is the last time you have brought grandma on a first date? So I am gonna go with the idea it was staged.)

As for the girls — Wow, I don’t think I have seen a group of girls this drunk since college. By the time all 25 girls (and the grandma) were in the house, almost everyone was slurring their words! So when you see a girl like Jenna seeming to be so upset, just think if someone pumped a box full of wine into you and then had a few people gang up on you and producers pulling scams on you — then you might not handle the situation very well. (Let’s not forget about the magic of the editing room, either.)

All I am saying is that every season, there is a person cast to be the emotional train wreck and this season the producers crowned Jenna with that curse. So don’t hate on her too bad, because a lot of what you’re seeing is the result of booze and the editing room.

One more question before I go: If you saw two girls who were supposed to be there finding love with you — i.e. Monica & Blakeley — making out on a bench would you keep them around? I’ll leave you to answer that one for yourself.

Until next week’s drama fest, I am out! Don’t forget to tune into my show The Reality Smackdown Tuesday nights at 6 pm PT on

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