Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky finally gave Justin Rego the boot on Monday night, but she wasn’t the only one who was sick of the pro-wrestler’s lying ways.

In an exclusive video interview with, fellow shunned suitor Tyler Vermette described Justin ‘Rated R’ Rego as “absolutely the most hated guy on the entire show.”

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“He brought no real humor, he brought no fun, he brought no amount of friendship,” Vermette said.

But what he did bring were lies.

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“He blatantly lied to her. I’m positive that’s what he did.”

Rego’s ex-reality show roommate spoke of his many mistruths — one regarding the seriousness of his broken foot.

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Said Vermette, “One day I walked in the room and Justin leaned over the bed, he’s got a cast on and he’s baring all his weight on the cast to pick up his bag from over the bed…I know he had a broken foot but he’s using it to his advantage to manipulate Ali and get the attention that he needs.”

Despite his macho shenanigans behind-the-scenes, Vermette says Rego only revealed a sweet side of himself to Fedotowsky.

“I think Ali liked Justin. He portrayed someone completely different to her than who he really was around all of us,” he explained.

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“He told Ali that he wanted to be there for marriage. He portrayed this guy who wanted to be a family man. ‘I want to have a wife,’ and obviously he told Ali all of these things – and then it comes out that he has a girlfriend!

“Big shocker there!” laughed Tyler.

“I mean seriously, did we not put his name in the ballot box the first night that we met the guy?”

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The wanna-be-star went on the show looking for fame – not love, alleges Vermette. “I think Justin saw it as a game. He didn’t care how he was portrayed because he saw any public recognition as good recognition.”

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Going by the pseudonym ‘Rated R,’ the Toronto, Canada, native claims to be a professional wrestler.

But don’t expect to find him on WWE anytime soon!

“The guy’s a backyard wrestler, he’s not an entertainment wrestler.”

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Ultimately, Tyler thinks that Ali – and America – is better off without Rego.

“You couldn’t trust him, it’s no fun being around people you can’t trust and he was that guy,” he concluded.

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