Jesse Csincsak, who was the last man standing during Deanna Pappas‘ run as ABC’s The Bachelorette, weighed in on current leading lady Ali Fedotowsky‘s current slate of suitors, giving his take on Monday night’s episode.

EXCLUSIVE: Former Bachelorette Winner Sizes Up Ali’s Men

“Sorry to start out by bursting your bubble about the Bachelorette but Ali doesn’t pick who goes on the dates with her. She tells producers what kinds of things she likes to do and the producers set all of them up,” Jesse revealed based on his past experience on the show. “The guy that gets chosen to go on that specific date depends on storyline. The storyline is the key to the show. That’s what keeps the viewers watching. It has to be interesting.”

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Sometimes, that storyline doesn’t even have to include the leading lady!

“Notice the beef Craig and Jesse had early on, Jesse was about to PUNCH Craig in the face,” Jesse said. “Although Drama makes for great TV they can’t have guys punching each other in the face.”

Also, early face time doesn’t necessarily give clues as to who will be the last man standing. “From my experiences on the show, the guys who don’t get a lot of camera time early in the edit will go far on the show. So for instance this season my guess would be Roberto and Chris L: they seem to have nothing but a very positive vibe in their personal edits and both got back to back one on one time on Monday’s show which didn’t follow any of the other one on one times like Franks or Jonathans.”

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So how are Ali’s guy’s doing so far according to Jesse? Read on:

FRANK: I like that you follow your heart and are doing what you love- screen writing… But when you go hiking with a girl like you did at the Hollywood sign YOU NEED TO HOLD HER HAND AND HELP HER STEP BY STEP not the other way around… Also once you have a rose for the week it’s kind of a dick move to grab Ali away from the guys who haven’t had any one on one time…

JUSTIN: They are building this guy’s edit a ton which now that Craig M is gone I see that he is to be the next HATED ON GUY IN THE HOUSE… This guy is gonna take a ton of heat in the episodes to come…. Also his edit is making it look like Ali is pretty into him so they will keep him around for the Drama Factor and when that’s gone he will be gone too…

CRAIG M : Started Drama in the house with numerous guys NOT A GOOD IDEA… When the guys don’t like you Ali is bound to hear about it as she did  from Jonathan AKA The Weatherman… Craig say what you want about anybody but don’t touch them… Your super Lucky Jesse didn’t PUNCH YOU IN YOUR GRILL BRO… Once your Drama factor wore off, the producers gave you the boot and that’s as simple as it gets…

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JONATHAN AKA WEATHERMAN : Dude where do I start with you ? I would call you the cry baby if you were on my season… FOCUS on your relationship with ALI and stop worrying what’s going on with all the guys in the house… Also if you have a small penis KEEP IT TO YOURSELF don’t blame it on the speedo bro hahhahahaha Learn to take a joke man. Not everyone you run into in life is gonna like you THAT’S JUST LIFE…. JUST DO YOU and stop worrying about all the small stuff…. PS: Look at Jonathan right after Chris N gets his rose and you will see that Jonathan has one BUT WAIT he wasn’t given one yet ??? Hmmmmmmm Editing room missed one OOOOOPS….

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TY : Ok Bro Night one guitar playing UNDERSTANDABLE everyone expected that but MORE GUITAR on the group date ????? TIME FOR SOME NEW MATERIAL BRO….. HOWEVER you did get the rose and it’s working so GO WITH WHAT YOU KNOW….

PS: I have heard a few people say you look like KIPTYN LOCKE from Jillian’s Season ??? Not sure yet ???

JESSE: I like that you’re from a small town and you have only ever worn two suits BUT she told you she is scared of flying and was holding onto your leg! You sat there and pretty much ignored her either you’re a total KNUCKLEHEAD or you’re playing hard to get. Either way you will be here to fight for Ali another week….

As for next week it looks like the Justin Drama is gonna go into high gear.

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