Jesse Csincsak, the carefree professional snowboarder who won the fourth season of The Bachelorette, saved a man’s life after rescuing a snowboarder in peril in a remote part of Vail Pass, Colorado, has learned. 

The snowboarder, a 24-year-old Chicago native named Thomas Pazerunas, wound up going out of bounds while on Blue Sky Basin, getting caught chest-deep in snow 12 miles past the wrong side of the mountain. He had no cell phone service and was ten miles away from the nearest ski lift.

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Csincsak told exclusively that Pazerunas was so far away, it would have taken 30 minutes on a snowmobile going more than 60 mph to reach the man, and bring him to safety.

“I’ve been snowboarding in that area for ten years and we’ve never gone this deep on the south side [of the mountain,]” Csincsak told exclusively. “But the snow had been light, so we just thought we’d check it out.”

Csincsak said that he saw Pazerunas flagging him down from the bottom of a valley and approached him. He said Pazerunas asked him, “Where’s the lift?” — not realizing he’d been knocking at death’s door without a snowmobile to haul him back to safe ground.

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“Look, this guy’s used to being in Chicago,” Csincsak told exclusively. “One move like that here gets you in a body bag: first your temperature drops, then hypothermia, then you fall fast to sleep and freeze to death.”

Csincsak, like a comic book hero, then put Pazerunas on the back of his snowmobile, and drove him back to civilization.

Pazerunas told Colorado’s NBC affiliate that “with no cell service, it would have been an act of God” for him to be found.

Csincsak, a 28-year-old Ohio native, was engaged to The Bachelorette’s Deanna Pappas, but the couple would wind up calling it quits. 
He later found love with former ‘Bachelor’ contestant Ann Lueders, and the couple is expecting their first child.

Csincsak is currently blogging for us here on, giving us his unique, insider take on this season’s installment of  ABC’s The Bachelor.


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