Jesse Csincsak knows better than almost anyone how The Bachelor and The Bachelorette work. He won the heart of Bachelorette Pappas in 2008, although the pair broke up several months after the show ended.

Here, in his exclusive Blog for, Jesse gives his take on Monday night’s episode

of the new Bachelorette with Ali Fedotowsky.

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“The Mansion: The Mansion is more of a compound than a mansion… It only has 4 bedrooms upstairs. Downstairs are the rose ceremony room, her room with all the guys’ photos in it and the kitchen and the living room. The rest of the house that you never see is filled with production equipment. The Compound has 7 ft concrete walls all around it with security guards walking the perimeter so there is no way in or out. I mean come on, they have to protect their Multi Million Dollar Baby ( THE SHOW )… The Mansion has microphones throughout so they can always hear what’s going on and when something good happens they send one of their 24 hr a day camera crews to investigate…

Chris Harrison: Chris is one of the Radest guys I have ever met… Everyone gives him crap for saying the same lines year after year but If I was getting paid what he was I would do it to… He is the face of the show He’s the one that goes on Ellen when the Poooo Hits the fan and says it how it is… He will be making a momma joke to you one second and then they say action and he flips right into character… Chris is a true professional and I am happy to call him a friend…

The Date Cards: Those cards are not written by the Bachelor or Bachelorette but by producers. Ali is not getting much sleep. She is super tired and definitely doesn’t have time to write date cards…Ali’s day consists of early wake ups for wardrobe hair and makeup then a date which most dates go till the wee hours of the morning so she’s definitely worn out…..

Roberto: I like Roberto with that being said notice he had the same kind of date as Jason Mesnick did on my Season #4 of the Bachelorette. The Helicopter Landing in the driveway of the mansion to take him to a date in LA… CAN ANYONE SAY REPEAT!!!  Note that Jason Mesnick went final two and then became the next Bachelor… The producers are building Roberto’s edit nicely… Notice that during the tight rope walk is was light out then after the tight rope walk and a wardrobe change hours later it was dark out… This is what I mean about these dates taking forever and Ali being tired…. With That Being Said ROBERTO WILL GO FAR MARK MY WORDS…..

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On To The Group Date: This Group Date was pretty funny to me the producers set this one up to make all the guys watch each other rolling around in bed and making out with her… OUCH !!!

Craig R: Was it just me or was he the spokesperson for the group date Geeeeez. They are slowly building an edit for this guy too I bet Craig R goes at least final 6…

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Frank: Dude I got nothin but love for you bro… Any guy that gets slapped 9 times in a row for a girl is ok in my book….

Jonathan/Weatherman: Dude you gotta chill out bro.. Confidence is key stop triple thinking everything and go with it bro stop talking about rocketships already hahhahahahahha

Kirk: You killed it on the bed makeout session !!! They said cut like twice and you kept going then you get the one on one time in the hottub and go for the RE UP makeout session. NICE WORK BUDDY… Notice their were no bubbles in the hottub ?? Thats because it would kill the audio they needed to get so instead they killed the bubbles to get the good audio.. Anyways Nice work on the rose Kirk…

Justin: Like I said in the beginning of this there is no way Justin is sneaking out of the mansion THERE ARE GUARDS ALL OVER… That security guard would have gotten on his radio and that would have be the end of that… That Gimpy scene to Ali’s house was soooo PRODUCED IT WASN’T EVEN FUNNY… Her place is over 5 miles away and all up hill on windy mountain roads he gimped 20 ft got in a production van they dropped him off for a few shots of him gimping then to her driveway to gimp up to her…. Shouldn’t have let the producers produce you bro now all the guys in the house hate you… Justin REMEMBER ONE THING BRO… The producers are only there until the show is over the guys are there for a LIFETIME… BAD DECISION !!!

Hunter: I like you especially because you BBQ’d TUBE STEAKS AND BURGERS….Hit me up man we will grill….But like Ali said no connection…. PS: Guys her name is Ali not buttercup or pumpkin or baby or honey… Geeeeeez

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Chris L: Opening up about your mom and past… WELL DONE Honesty is always the key… Like Roberto they are building this guys edit nicely as well… He will go far and he got the first rose at the ceremony….

Steve K: Setting up the date when you didn’t get one… Nice work I like that but you blew it with the cork… Call me I will teach you so it goes smoother next time…. hahhahah.  We are both from Cleveland. Bro hit me up sometime we can hit the FLATS…

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