Week in and week out, The Bachelorette‘s season 4 winner, pro snowboarder Jesse Csincsak, has been giving RadarOnline.com his inside takes on this season’s edition of The Bachelor.

VIDEO: Michelle Skewered On The Bachelor’s Women Tell All Special

As this cycle wraps up, Jesse shares his thoughts and predictions on who will capture Brad Womack’s heart, as well as who he sees being cast on this summer’s upcoming Bachelor Pad 2.

Take it away, Jesse …

OK, so there’s a lot to talk about, so lets start off with the reunion in New York.
Since I hosted the first five Bachelor reunions, I’m friends with almost all of the faces you will see at these things, and let me tell you, there is nothing I like more than watching my friends do funny stuff on TV.
After watching the clips of the reunion they aired, here are my guesses of a few faces you might see on this summer’s edition of Bachelor Pad 2:
Richard Mathy: Bachelorette 4 – Brian Westendorf: Bachelorette 4 – John Hardesty: Bachelorette 5 – Vienna Girardi: Bachelor 14 – Erica Rose: Bachelor Rome – Suzy Williams: Bachelor 5 – Ty Brown: Bachelorette 6 – Kasey Kahl: Bachelorette 6
Maybe even Wes Hayden Again?
Also, I can guarantee you will see a few girls from this season of the show, and if I had to make a guess, I would put my money on Michelle for her DRAMA FACTOR, in being one of the producer’s first picks.
Here are just a few of my thoughts from this viewing of the NYC party:
Richard Mathy: You are any woman’s dream, guy! Bro, keep your chin up, you will find her soon. I promise!
Brian Westendorf: This guy is probably the biggest MAN STUD on earth — 6 feet, 5 inches of MAN BEEF! (He also has a heart of gold.)
Oh, and for all you Vienna haters out there, I have a news bulletin for you: SHE’S A SWEETHEART!
OK, now onto the Monday night’s dramatic Women Tell All …
Chris Harrison said we’d thought we had seen it all … and then there was MICHELLE!
Michelle: I think you learned a very valuable life lesson — if you act one way in person to all the girls on the show, and then act another way on camera, it’s gonna come back to bite you in the butt. In case you didn’t know, it’s a TV show that 15 million people watch. Sorry, but crying and saying you miss your daughter isn’t gonna cut it.
When you signed up for the show, and you signed your 20+ page contract, that makes it very clear that you can’t bring anything like a cell phone or computer, let alone anyone with you. It’s not like you didn’t know any of this info before coming on the show. I know personally that when you sign up for the show, you have no clue HOW HUGE the effect on your life this show has … that doesn’t just involve you, but EVERYONE IN YOUR LIFE.
But I still don’t feel sorry for you. If I was you, I would focus on YOU and STAY AWAY FROM THE CAMERAS on Bachelor Pad 2.
Melissa and Rachel: How did you say it Rachel? Frantic, frazzled & freakin’ everyone out? You two got each other sent home, as far as I am concerned. If you create drama on the show, it will eventually get you sent home, PERIOD. If you wanna stick around FOCUS ON THE BACHELOR/ETTE AT HAND.
Ashley S: You looked so sad tonight, and I think everyone felt bad for you. But don’t worry, you will be getting date offers GALORE! You seem super-sweet and real. Keep your chin up.
Ashley H: You seem like a great girl, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see you as the next Bachelorette. You fit the bill to a tee, and if not, finish dental school and do your thing, girl — you seem to be one hell of a catch, just remember, confidence is key.
OK, now onto BRAD: If there was ever a guy who was GLOWING, BRAD WOMACK WAS GLOWING Monday night.
Now remember, Brad is in hiding with his chosen lady, and everything is good, and I am truly happy for him, and I hope it works out with whoever it is.
Brad, from me to you bro: Stay out of LA. Take your lady back to Texas, and do your thing for a year or so to get to REALLY KNOW EACH OTHER.
OK, onto predictions …
Here are a few scenarios I could see happening:
Brad picks Chantal O and Emily Becomes the next Bachelorette; Brad picks Emily and Ashley H Becomes the next Bachelorette; Brad picks Chantal O and Ashley H Becomes the next Bachelorette.
As for myself, I have applied to be the VP of POP CULTURE for Popchips to work alongside Ashton Kutcher!
Voting ends March 9th at midnight; it only takes five seconds and you get a $1 off coupon. Please vote everyday! Thanks so much!
Next week, it’s time to meet Brad’s parents, as well as the last chance dates, in The Bachelor’s long-awaited season finale, which airs Monday on ABC at 8/7c.
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