Jesse Csincsak, who was the last man standing during Season 4 of ABC’s The Bachelorette, offers his thoughts on current leading lady Ali Fedotowsky and week nine’s episode, in his exclusive blog with Check out Jesse’s insight into the Fantasy Suites and Frank’s shocking revelation that he was in love with another woman.

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FRANK IN CHICAGO: All of this ‘Frank falling back in love with Nicole’ drama is set up by the producers…Remember a few weeks ago when I talked about all the contestants having to tell the production company who their past relationships were from day one on the casting process? Well this is why.

To start with, the show can’t show Nicole’s face on national TV without her signing her life away first…Secondly to get the footage they did in Chicago, they had to send a whole bunch of production people – two producers, two camera crews consisting of a camera man and sound man for each crew, and then, of course, Frank and his handler.

Do the math – just between plane tickets and hotels that’s a lot of $$$$$! I mean what if she wasn’t home or outta town? So they had to set it up prior to just to guarantee their investment…REMEMBER IT’S A BUSINESS….

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FANTASY SUITES: Everyone always asks me what goes on in the fantasy suites so HERE IS THE DEAL – exactly what you think goes on in the fantasy suite is exactly what goes on….The Bachelor/ette chooses who he or she asks to the fantasy suite. They also call the shots on what goes on during that time in the suite. Nothing is produced – remember, this is the first real block of time that these two people get alone without microphone packs strapped to themselves or producers in the room or cameras around, so trust me there are a lot of questions being asked and answered that couldn’t be until now. This is a ‘make or break time’ for each contestant left on the show.

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ROBERTO: Notice how both Roberto and Ali say ‘I miss you,’ like three times each to one another. This just shows that they have been separated for quite a while. Just because you watch Roberto’s date first DOES NOT mean it was really filmed first. The producers can mix and match what dates go where in the editing room. My guess is Roberto’s date was filmed last and that’s why he said, ‘I haven’t seen you in over a week.’ This explains why they said, ‘I miss you so much.’ It’s because Roberto sat there for seven days locked up in that little hut waiting to go on a date with Ali… But hey, you got the rose bud – nice work, you’re still the front runner.

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CHRIS: Chris had a typical fantasy date – it was kind of buried underneath all the Frank drama and the smoke coming off of Roberto and Ali’s date. I loved the pearls you guys found on the beach – if those weren’t planted there – which, I doubt they were – but if they were, props to the Art Director for thinking of that… Well done.

FRANK IN TAHITI: OK, first off most guys who have gone on this show have dated other girls prior to being with Ali, I mean come on…. So for Frank to have had a girlfriend a month or a year whatever prior to being on the show is not crazy to think… Justin Rego had two girlfriends while on the show for god sakes….I think that the week of lock-down in a room with producers in his face bringing up this girl that was in his casting paperwork, and the thoughts of Ali possibly eliminating him (and who knows maybe even an offer of being the next Bachelor) got to him and he agreed to go to Chicago and film this drama.

We will never know – however, just realize that the producers live to get drama like this on camera and you can’t hate Frank for being honest about just rediscovering the feelings he had about this past girlfriend… He could have pulled a Tiger Woods… I mean a Justin Rego. Cut him some slack, he was honest about what was going on…Ali left the show to be the next Bachelorette, oops I mean because of her job over being with Jake… IT’S TV FOR GOD SAKES!

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