Jesse Csincsak, who was the last man standing during Season#4 of ABC’s The Bachelorette, offers his thoughts on current leading lady Ali Fedotowsky and week eight’s episode, in his exclusive blog with Check out Jesse’s insight into the stressful process of the hometown date and who will be the last man standing.

HOMETOWN DATE WEEK: ”This is one of the hardest weeks for everyone…The guys are no longer together and are all locked up in separate condos or hotel rooms for the whole week. From personal experience, I know it makes you ask yourself, ‘What the heck am I doing?’  The sense of what it is gonna feel like if you end up getting sent home and are alone really sets in.”

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”So this week, you sit and wait with your handler a.k.a. ‘adult sitter,’ until they tell you you’re both headed to fly to go on your hometown date. When you get home, they don’t even let you stay at your house and check you into a hotel – it is super weird.”

“The following day, you do your on-camera hometown date then the next morning you get back on a plane to go back into hiding in L.A. with your handler – in case you try and hang out with your homies and tell them what happened – or if you’re the last guy to film your hometown date you go right to the Rose Ceremony.

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For Ali, this is a super busy week – she is basically hitting five different states in seven days and has lots and lots of travel, it takes its toll on her. Hometown ates are important, because it shows what kind of person each guy really is.

ROBERTO: Roberto was the only guy that Ali immediately wrapped her legs around in the first two seconds when she saw him on his hometown date. Ali says she feels like a “proud wife” when she puts on Roberto’s jersey. Then she tells him he is smokin’ hot when she sees his baseball card. I think that Ali doesn’t understand that Roberto really likes her and he is serious about her because she is still caught up in the fantasy land of the show.

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CHRIS: I think Ali really likes Cape Cod and she can relate to a lot of things on the Cape, especially the weather. I loved seeing Chris hug his dad, it really showed that he had not seen his family in over five weeks. Even when you’re on hometown date, you don’t get to see your family until the cameras are in the room so it makes for good reality TV…I loved the story Chris’s dad told about how he met his wife… IT WAS RAD…. Sorry for your loss Chris, your mom

sounds like an AMAZING LADY… I agree with your dad Chris, LOVE IS WHAT MATTERS. Your family rocks…

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KIRK: Love that you’re a home-grown Mid West guy from Wisconsin…I thought Kirk was being set up to go home right after the, “Would you like to see my basement line?” Ha ha.  “Loved the freezer,” Ali said (he kept the popsicles right next to the dead animals!) Kirk, you’re a rad guy and you’re gonna do just fine bro, don’t sweat it.

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FRANK: OK, cut Frank a break. First off, he was locked in a hotel room all week thinking about what Ali was doing with all these other guys. Secondly, He’s right – Ali could send him home tomorrow if she wanted, it’s outta his control….No real person goes on this show thinking they are gonna be the one. Everyone hopes, but nobody actually thinks they will actually fall in love until it happens, so it’s a lot to take in.


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