A secret video is out of the “Bachelor Reunions” featuring Jesse Csincsak. He hosts the sister event of “Bachelor Pad” 2 every year near Denver, Colorado when several former contestants gather for a big reunion. More information is seen on his site at Jesse Csincsak. Unfortunately the cameras aren’t following them, but he opens up in a video seen at the left on what happens behind closed doors!

“Bachelor Reunions” normally consist of snowmobiling, lots of partying, pajama parties, flipping cups, and hanging out. Some really awesome relationships have developed as a result of this “Bachelor Pad” sister event, including; Jesse himself marrying Ann Leuders of Jason Mesnick’s “Bachelor season. In addition, Chris Lambton and Peyton Wright — along with John Presser and Tara Durr — have become couples. John and Tara married last November. Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl are the trending couple from the reunion and are currently on “Bachelor Pad” 2.

Jesse Csincsak went on to describe why he organizes the “Bachelor Reunion” in so many words:

“Basically, this sounds so dumb and cliche, but it’s a family. At my wedding, most of the groomsmen were guys from my season on the show. It’s an experience that you will share with someone that you could never explain until you go through that experience together and you feel bound for life.”

Jesse Csincsak explains that everyone has a past and that several of the past contestants will joke around at the reunions someone went further than they did on their season. Each person has a past and most have watched each other’s seasons.

Every year at least one couple emerges from the “Bachelor Reunion” Jesse Csincsak hosts. Between that and “Bachelor Pad,” contestants from the show definitely have a second chance at love.

For Portland, Ore. viewers, “Bachelor Pad” 2 airs Monday nights on KATU channel 2 at 8:00 p.m., PT.

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